Stressed People Won’t Get A Better Therapy Than Gym Therapy

January 19 20:39 2022
Stressed People Won’t Get A Better Therapy Than Gym Therapy

The past year has put a lot of stress on people, especially when they are not able to plan ahead. Everyone needs a form of therapy to help them cope with stressful situations. For high school sweethearts Josh and Charlene, their form of therapy was working out together. 

If one of them was struggling or in a situation that they couldn’t work through mentally, the couple would take a break together and hit the gym. While working out together, they were able to release stress, clear their heads, and tackle the rest of their day with a new mindset. 

Together, Josh and Charlene realized there was no better form of therapy than gym therapy. They want to share this therapy with other people, even those who didn’t feel confidant about going to the gym. There are a lot of benefits, both mentally and physically, to exercise and this couple is ready to share how they use the gym as therapy.

Josh and Charlene introduce Gym Therapy

Josh and Charlene first established Gym Therapy in May 2020 to help people who were having difficulties mentally coping through the COVID-19 pandemic. Once they introduce the Gym Therapy brand to the public, they were able to help more people see the value in this strategy.

A lot of people ignore an advertisement for a new work class or program that their local gym is hosting. They feel as though they aren’t physically ready for the challenge. With gym therapy, Josh and Charlene have a different mentality and express to people from the start that this form of therapy is inclusive for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if someone is an all-star athlete or has never lifted a dumbbell in their life. Gym Therapy can be truly beneficial for people of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life.

Thankful for Gym Therapy

Josh and Charlene are incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported them on their journey since launching Gym Therapy. They started this brand as a way to support their family but fell in love with how they were able to help their clients. Since launching, they have also worked with many other small businesses and have created a Gym Therapy family.

In the new year, they hope to help more supporters by offering Gym Therapy at an affordable rate. There are many benefits to this program that people at every gym level will enjoy.

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