Israeli rapper “Niva” is going to release his new EP and it’s going to drive the world crazy, a hooligan of music

January 19 20:57 2022

A brand-new EP will be released shortly by rapper Niva which will take us to the thematic of football hooliganism and how this has influenced his music and his person, but first, let’s know his story.

Niva calls himself a hooligan rapper, due to his connection to football hooliganism, and that is why most of his songs talk about his time as a fan of Beitar Jerusalem F.C. which you can also hear it in his previous works. Today Niva owns its own production company called MIRPETZET CREW productions where they produce video clips for many Israeli artists and not only, but also all over the world. Niva also promised that once the pressure of the big projects he is working on drops he will have time to produce new video clips for himself.

The next EP to be released has an interesting anecdote, initially it was part of a big album which was then deleted from the computer of the producer SchmidX, so the songs we will hear are sketches that are recovered and where mixing and mastering was also carried out to have the best sound possible.

In the EP we can find the following songs:

Red Line
The Little Boy
Automatic Weapon
Who cares

These songs in the EP will sound, like the song says, like a real automatic weapon. The rhythm, the speed and the beats will surely keep the listener full of adrenaline all the time and then to get lost in the constant flow of the words and the very catchy and fresh instrumental.

Niva certainly has a lot of determination and passion in what he does, and we are sure how in the next albums he will show the maximum potential of him and how it will really take him to the top! if you want to follow all his projects and upcoming albums you can follow him through the various social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud).

For business contacts he could contact him at the following e-mail:

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Phone: 098327789
Country: Israel