Luxury Leather Travel Bag at Great Rates by Forbes & Lewis in Water Resistant Waxed Buffalo Hide for the Discerning Traveller

January 21 21:30 2022
Forbes & Lewis retails handcrafted leather duffle bags, backpacks, accessories, etc. Unique styles, classic detailing, and an eye for getting the small details right are what separates this brand from its competitors. These products are made in limited quantities and sold at affordable rates.

According to announcements released by Forbes & Lewis and Tad Van Winkle, the luxury leather travel bags available from this company are handcrafted to serve as the perfect, elegant travel companions for those who appreciate affordable luxury. The internal compartments of these travel bags made from water-resistant leather are ideal for secure placement of different items, such as wallets, papers, pens, passes, and ID cards. It has the space to hold clothes, accessories, laptops, chargers, toiletries, shoes, etc.

The interior of this leather holdall for men is lined with cotton featuring a leather trim. It uses sturdy metal zippers; the shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable.

Forbes & Lewis has developed waxy leather with vintage looks that only improve with age. The leather acquires a rich character over time, and the bag complements the personality and persona of the owner. The Somerset leather holdall is available in such leather. It is the perfect choice when traveling for the weekend. Made from rugged buffalo leather and featuring a classic style, this carry-on approved bag has a volume of 50 – 55 L.

The Bristol Barrel leather holdall available from Forbes & Lewis is large, holds 50 L, and is preferred for more extended travel. This bag is handcrafted from full-grain leather, has open pockets on either side and an extensive internal zip pocket.

Forbes & Lewis makes top-quality leather bags in small numbers. It sources the best leather and works with experienced artisans from all over the world. These bags possess the quality and aesthetic of designer leather bags but at an affordable cost.

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Tad Van Winkle of Forbes & Lewis said, “Why do you think leather bags are so popular? That’s because they can last for a long time. We aren’t kidding. A leather bag made of luxe leather will last you for decades and even 100 years if you take care of it. 

The leather is both durable and sustainable for years to come. Leather doesn’t wear off. It ages and ages well. Old leather has a distinctive feel to it, which many people appreciate. 

No wonder luxe leather is expensive. You can use the same travel leather bag for your travels throughout your life. It can become an heirloom for future generations to last decades. It’s like making a lifetime investment.

Nevertheless, the durability of leather bags depends on quite a few factors. The first one is the type of leather used to make the bag. Full-grain is the best available quality and is the most durable compared to other types of leather. There have been various instances of a full-grain leather bag lasting longer than 100 years. 

Top-grain leather is also used to make luxe leather products, but it is not as durable as full-grain. Still, the bag will last for several decades. Bonded leather and genuine leather have the lowest lifespan, though you can use them for five to ten years, depending upon how conscientiously you care for the bags.”

About the Company:

Forbes & Lewis provides stylish and functional leather bags made from the finest full-grain leather. Its backpacks and duffle bags conform to the highest standards in leather selection, treatment, cut, design, and construction. The bags are affordably priced and have a ready market of appreciative users.

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