The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Dallas Businesswoman for her contribution to the homeless community.

January 24 12:34 2022
See the amazing woman who has been dedicated to serve the homeless community for years

Tamara La Salle Allen, an entrepreneur and humanitarian, was recently honored as a recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the homeless community.

The award, which requires that the recipients performed more than four thousand hours of community service, had two Dallas recipients. The other recipient being Letitia Owens, the political appointee of the city of Dallas homeless commission.

Tamara, stunned by the recognition when she initially received notice of her award on December 30th, wrote on her Facebook page saying, “2022 is going to be super amazing”.


The Dallas businesswoman, Tamara La Salle Allen, since the age of seventeen, has dedicated her life to aiding the homeless community even while owning several businesses such as,,, Live Simple Today. The Entrepreneur and Humanitarian strongly believes that everyone should have access to utilities for natural human functions, homeless people included. When there was a national shutdown that hindered homeless people from having basic amenities, the Dallas humanitarian continued to feed the homeless as well as provide basic essentials such as toilet paper for their use.

Tamara is looking forward to bring a revolutionary concept for the homeless community in the city of Dallas. She strongly believes that with the implementation of necessity vending machines and the creation of fertilizer to sell will help the city of Dallas eradicate hunger and homelessness. She says that feeding the less fortunate 4 times a month is no longer good enough for her soul and solutions only and no temporary fixes.

Tamara will need the kind support from the citizens of Dallas as well as the mayor which will allow this upcoming project to move forward and bring a revolution for the homeless community. Tamara isn’t seeking monetary donations but permission to strategically place these amenities throughout the city of Dallas. The funding for this project derives 100% from Tamara and her husband Jeremy Allen.Various creative activities have embarked to catch the important supplements accessible in human waste and create a gain from crap. The “waste” is really a misnomer since human waste is a limitless wellspring of significant supplements. Esteem with regards to discharge might be difficult to get a handle on for some, however in areas of the planet where admittance to fair disinfection is restricted and open doors for producing pay are thin, there is a criticalness that drives the production of chances.

Tamara La Salle Allen looks forward to helping the homeless community become self-sufficient, which would allow them to have enough resources to address problems.  She hopes to inspire other people to become generous not just with money but with their time.

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