Kibo Eclipse Reviews | Not Anybody Can Join It – Shocking Truth Revealed

January 24 12:38 2022

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, two of the world’s best expert e-commerce entrepreneurs, have been working in secret for the past year. The Kibo Code’s creators were developing, analyzing, and perfecting the new Kibo Eclipse program, which is set to debut on January 26, 2021.

Kibo’s new version of the program Kibo Eclipse provides limitless possibilities to tackle e-commerce business problems and offer a lot of opportunities. What exactly is Kibo Eclipse, and how does it function? Who is most suited to be a part of the program?

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What Is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is a comprehensive training program that allows anyone to learn about the latest e-commerce strategies, as well as unique digital marketing methods, in order to create a lucrative revenue stream. Kibo Eclipse’s main advantage is valuable lessons on attracting free relevant visitors to an online store’s proprietor using Its own software and apps.

The software was created and developed by the two digital marketing and e-commerce experts,  Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. The program’s first major release aimed to help inexperienced e-commerce entrepreneurs develop successful online stores with a profitable business model.

Simply defined, it’s a training course that teaches people how to generate money on the internet using artificial intelligence and revolutionary tools and apps.


Kibo, the first version of which was a great success, has generated thousands of new flourishing e-commerce entrepreneurs. Kibo Eclipse, which will be released this month, is an improved version of last year’s Kibo, according to industry professionals, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about. The term “reboot” or “relaunch” is used by a few people, and Aidan and Steve don’t like to use it since the new Kibo Eclipse 2022 will be a new program with brand new strategies and opportunities.

Aidan and Steve claim that the first version’s success allowed them to identify and correct problems effectively. Kibo has received a lot of attention since its invention, with Aidan and Steve putting in a lot of effort analyzing all their prior product’s possibilities and risks in order to make the new Kibo Eclipse more secure and superior than ever before.

How Does Kibo Eclipse Work?

Kibo Eclipse attempts to help aspiring digital entrepreneurs by providing them with expert knowledge on how to operate an online business. Students receive unique, first-hand mentorship from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton throughout the course and beyond. Despite the fact that the training will be new, it is expected that the curriculum will be comparable to Kibo’s last version.


For those who are unfamiliar with how the Kibo program works, here’s what you need to know:

  • Students will first need to acquire a top-tier generic domain using the extraordinary tools that Kibo Eclipse provides.
  • Students will then build an online store by picking one of the pre-installed store designs and adding their new domain name or designing a new one from scratch.
  • Once a student has created their online store, they can easily add items for sale by uploading them with one single click using Kibo Eclipse’s app.
  • With so many techniques for generating traffic, mentees will be able to gain the competitive advantage they need and drive relevant audiences onto their website
  • A USA-based supplier will ship the product straight to the customer when a transaction is completed.
  • Mentees will then start optimizing the website by picking the most popular items and removing those that don’t sell. They repeat the process in order to expand the business and sell more products.

Based on Kibo’s Previous version, the entire procedure takes about one or two days to complete, and it revolves around these six phases.

Who Is Most Suited to Be a Part of the Program?


The Kibo Eclipse training program is for anyone wanting to run a successful e-commerce business and generate additional income, or perhaps main revenue. Anyone can join because it doesn’t need any prior knowledge; the first Kibo Eclipse module will teach all of the fundamentals that a novice needs to know. During an eight-week timetable, the training program will go through a step-by-step process.

WARNING: This program is coming out on January 26th and it’s going to be live. This means that anyone claiming to have gone through the new Kibo Eclipse is lying. Anyone interested in learning more about the program should definitely join the free webinar for more information and reveals!

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