Saar Pilosof Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom with His Blog

January 24 12:42 2022
Educating people on the best ways to handle their money, invest and create generational wealth

On his quest to helping people attain financial freedom, Legendary businessman, Saar Pilosof has made a name for himself in the Israeli financial industry with his financial blog. More now than ever before, especially after the catastrophic pandemic; a time during which people struggled to survive, people are now more open to learning how to invest their money to make their lives easier.

Unfortunately, a large number people still have the mindset of working for money rather than letting money work for them. The same mindset that Saar Pilosof broke from at the young age of 12. Now a charismatic, brilliant and resourceful businessman, Saar Pilosof gained his financial independence as a youngster who was gifted Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ on his 12th by his dad’s best friend.

Before then, he was already a bookworm, reading 2-3 books weekly. However, he finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad in a breath. He was intrigued by all the ideas in the book and knew he wanted to be “Rich Dad.” Born to an average middle-class family in a small town in the northern part of Israel to a doctor father and engineer mother, Saar Pilosof saw his parents consistently work hard for money to sustain themselves and pick up bills. He knew he didn’t want to have to work all his life like his parents, so he dreamt big and promised himself he was going to achieve his dreams even though he didn’t know how.

As always, the universe aligned and when he turned 16, with his dad’s blessings, he started to work for his father`s best friend, Daniel who was a successful businessman and he genuine likeness for Saar. Daniel realized from the get-go that Saar has great potential to become a successful entrepreneur and decided to help him achieve his goals. It was at the point that Saar’s journey as a successful businessman and financial genius began.

As an established entrepreneur with the passion to help people as he was helped, Saar uses his financial blog to teach people all the lessons he has learnt from his young age about money. His blog is meant to be a guide and inspiration to people to help them understand how money works and how it can be controlled. With several years of experience, Saar is highly equipped to guide people down the road to achieving freedom and living a life devoid of financial difficulties.

Saar’s Financial Blog will teach important topics such as ‘Financial principles you should live by,’ ‘The ways in which modern millionaires create their wealth,’ ‘The ways you can achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals,’ “Finance Books you should read in order to have the right mindset,’ ‘The top money mistakes you should avoid while building your wealth,’ ‘How you can teach your children to be financially savvy,’ and ‘How to retire earlier in life,’ among many other informational topics.

Although the name of Saar Pilosof does not need so much  introduction especially in business circles, he remained mostly anonymous to the broader audience up until six months ago. During the period, he made headlines for the first time as he raised funds for a non-profit organization whose sole goal is to help Holocaust survivors. Since then, he has made many public appearances, thereby acquiring many new fans and supporters.

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