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May 02 21:15 2022
The Luxurella Store has launched a campaign to help people having a BBQ to keep their dogs safe.

A leading online store that sells everything from beauty and wellness products, car accessories, home supplies, and gadgets, to fashion accessories has launched an important safety campaign for dog owners. The Luxurella Store ( has launched a campaign to help those people who have BBQs keep their dogs safe.

The online store that said they will not be beaten on price and who recently challenged Amazon to beat their prices has said too many dogs become unwell when their owner is having a BBQ. This campaign will help dog owners understand how to keep their dogs safe.

The Luxurella Store that sells lots of great pet products ( at low prices has said tempting treats and glowing grills can be a danger for dogs. That is why dog owners must follow the safety tips provided by the online store.

By following these tips, owners can keep their dogs safe while enjoying their BBQ:

Skip the scraps​

One thing that dogs love is scraps. However, barbeque scraps can be dangerous to a dog and upset its stomach. Fatty foods or food that has not been properly cooked can make a dog very poorly. Some food that is used at a BBQ contains bones that can be harmful to a dog. Give them a dog treat instead.

Bin it

Things like kebab skewers and the core from corn on the cob must be put in a bin. These items can cause a blockage and cause serious injury to the dog. Any undercooked food or food that people have not eaten should also be put in a bin and kept away from a dog.

Keep lighter fluid or firelighters out of reach

It is important to keep products that people use for starting a BBQ out of reach for dogs.

Breathe easy

BBQ smoke can cause a dog many different problems. It can irritate them and can be sensitive to their airways. It is important to keep the dog away from the smoke and keep them at a safe distance.

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