National Pretrial offers Better Pretrial Accountability with New APP.

May 03 15:06 2022

National Pretrial, a comprehensive accountability platform to the courts, municipalities, and state agencies through its patent-pending technology platform and 24/7 real-time operations center, launched a new APP – Check-in Center™.

National Pretrial offers three levels with the new Check-in Center™ APP. Level I is suited for low-level risk cases providing text-based check-in accountability. Level II is for medium-risk cases utilizing facial recognition check-ins. Lastly, Level III requires real-time GPS location-based accountability and system interactivity.

“National Pretrial provides a customizable, ready out-of-the-box platform, 24/7 monitoring center, resources, and ongoing management needed to enact a successful pretrial and post-conviction accountability plan through its APP Check-in Center™,” shared Donald F. Mescia III, Chief Executive Officer.

About National Pretrial

National Pretrial provides a comprehensive accountability platform called JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data). The JED™ platform delivers administrative controls, assistance, workload deployment, and the necessary technical tools and pretrial data sets to the supervising team and administrators. The JED™ platform incorporates SMS, notifications, live check-ins (identity verified by facial recognition software), system integrated phone and video calls, geo-fencing, chat, live video calls, court reminders, and seamless live address updating of the accused. The National Pretrial platform gives program supervisors the tools and data needed to implement accountability responsibly and effectively while minimally invasive and without sacrificing efficacy.

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