Aaron Regev’s Business Interview with HVTimes

May 04 01:31 2022
Aaron Regev’s Business Interview with HVTimes

Aaron Regev is the sales manager of the home warranty company, Total Home Protection (THP). He was born and raised in Brooklyn, but his parents had actually immigrated to the United States from the Middle East.

Earlier this year, Aaron was interviewed by Hurricane Valley Times on the subject of business success. 

How does one achieve success? Aaron Regev answered this question in the interview by introducing self-disciplining methods that he swore will encourage success.

He spoke from experience, talking about his responsibilities and history working as a sales manager at Total Home Protection. 

As a leader, he told Hurricane Valley Times that it was his job to “oversee the team and get them trained up to be as efficient as possible…” To do this, he had to maintain a certain leadership style, which he described as follows: “As their leader, I treat them fairly but sternly.” 

He went on to re-emphasize the importance of being fair but stern, saying that it is critical for correcting mistakes or misconceptions early on and that, as a leader: “You have to really drive the point home sometimes to make sure that it sticks…” 

As for Aaron Regev’s “self-discipling methods” he makes it clear that the key to it all is to make sure that they, as a sales team, were assisting their customers 100% of the time. More specifically, he states that the most important thing to do to encourage success is to find your business’s core values and pursue them without rest. 

As for what should be done as an individual, Aaron Regev’s main advice is to “…be humble and to never stop building yourself up.”

“The more you know, the better,” Aaron Regev said at the end of the interview. “Learn what you can about your target industry, about the business work in general — just keep learning.”

He also advised prospective leaders to “always be content” and explained that this is what he believed to be the secret to finding success and making sure that one doesn’t go to work making mistakes out of a “reckless and stubborn desire to foolishly try to conquer the world.”

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