TRON Founder, Justin Sun, Shared His Viewpoint in the Bitcoin Documentary Aligning The Future, Painting a Picture for Blockchain in the Next Decade

May 04 01:57 2022

Recently, H.E. Justin Sun, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO and TRON founder shared his views on blockchain and cryptocurrency in Aligning The Future – the first-ever documentary on Bitcoin’s development, presented by The Future is Now. “We will be able to benefit everyone by eliminating barriers to financial infrastructure”, says Justin Sun in Aligning The Future. This expressed many futurists’ confidence in blockchain technologies and a strong consensus and expectation for decentralization.

As mentioned in this documentary, “last year, El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as its legal tender. How will crypto in the Caribbean countries develop in the near future?”. Justin gave us his answers.”As the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Granada to the WTO, I believe that Caribbean countries and communities can learn from El Salvador, I am also very optimistic about the policy deployment to make cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, their national infrastructure and legal tender, as what El Salvador does today”, Justin said.

Justin aspires to promote blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in Grenada and the Caribbean region by leveraging his position as the ambassador and exceptional background in the crypto industry. Based on blockchain’s legal compliance and prospect in the region, Justin believes that Grenada needs to embrace a digital economy by learning from El Salvador. He also believes that the sovereign states’ endorsement of blockchain technologies would make blockchain the underlying decentralized financial infrastructure in the future, which will address the need for the industry’s development in the next phase. 

To this end, Justin took the lead and stepped onto the stage of WTO, the center of the international order, to meet with ambassadors from other countries to advance the digital economy. This is a historic move in the blockchain sphere because few decentralization champions would want to be related to the centralized world, and no crypto OG has ever taken up such a prominent role in an established field.

“When the barrier of financial infrastructure goes down to zero, we can benefit everybody in the world!” Justin said in the documentary. In his view, blockchain technologies are avant-garde compared to existing ecosystems, offering equal opportunities for all, especially people in underdeveloped regions, and enabling real financial inclusion. It also outperforms the world’s most financial infrastructures in terms of resource conservation, as it takes no offices, no employees, but only a censorship-free network for liquidation and settlement anywhere in the world.

“We are living through The Great Reset. In the near future, what will be the use of digital currency in the whole world?”

Justin Sun explained that he is very proud of TRON, his most important blockchain brainchild, and said the TRON network is far more efficient than the current financial infrastructure. He told that the TRON network processes $12 billion worth of transactions each day but only incurs costs of less than $1 million. In contrast to Ethereum, which charges at least several USD for transfer, and PayPal and traditional banks with a handling fee of over 5% and even 10% for cross-border transfers, TRON apparently has a competitive edge. Featuring 24-hour, almost real-time transfers, TRON’s high TPS also guarantees efficiency. In fact, making finance accessible and affordable has always been a principle of TRON.

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