P. Grace Lawson Releases Her New Book – Rise of the Ravenisha

May 03 23:42 2022
P. Grace Lawson Releases Her New Book - Rise of the Ravenisha
Talented author and storyteller, P. Grace Lawson, announces the release of a multi-genre novel, “Rise of the Ravenisha,” chronicling the captivating encounter between ancient Dahomey warrior women and the dark spirit La Panthère Noire

P. Grace Lawson is set to take readers on an amazing ride filled with suspense, humor, and action following the release of her novel titled Rise of the Ravenisha. The newly emerging book, which is currently available on Amazon, is released in partnership with Armstrong International Media

Rise of the Ravenisha by P. Grace Lawson is a mix of action, humor, romance, and mystery. This paranormal novel was spellbinding from the storyline to the plot and development. A special shoutout goes to Grace because writing is her calling.” – Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite

For many years, African American authors have opened the eyes of readers to another world their creative minds have been longing for, opening doors of opportunity that have led to more people speaking up about how their existence matters while unlocking the spirit of man to endless possibilities jumping from each page. P. Grace Lawson has again brought this phenomenon to bear in Rise of the Ravenisha, a beautifully crafted fantasy novel with words that will cause readers to see the culture framed by black excellence and perspectives.

This story tells the tale of an ancient tribe of Dahomey warrior women who, having made a deal with the dark spirit La Panthère Noire, developed the ability to shapeshift into black werepanthers. The story picks up in the present-day southern United States, where the women, now known as Old-Generation Ravenisha, have decided the time has come for them to rise and free themselves from the bondage of their past. This book celebrates the courage needed to break the cycles and embrace liberty by any means necessary. Known for words and descriptions that leap off the pages and capture all senses, Alabama-born and raised powerhouse P. Grace Lawson laid it all out in this novel. For the fans who love a good spiritual shift, Rise of the Ravenisha is the right pick.

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