Dr. Elda Sinani, Llm Brings Graduate Courses In Public Policy To Spotlight At Trinity College, Hartford CT

May 04 15:06 2022

May 4, 2022 – Renowned Leadership Expert and Global Scholar “Dr. Elda Sinani, LLM,” will teach two courses at Trinity College: Women, Leadership and Public Policy, and Budget Management and Public Policy in the Summer Session II and Spring term respectively as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

Dr. Elda Sinani, LLM, is a transformational leader that elevates organizations through process improvement, building a culture of trust, and aligning technology with business objectives. She has over 20 years of extensive experience in developing and directing business models, teams and functions that facilitate operational experience and positive culture. She will be teaching the above-mentioned courses as detailed below:

Course: Women, Leadership and Public Policy

Term Offered:  Every Summer Session II

Overview: Women have made significant progress over the course of history in achieving greater equity in the public and private sectors. However, several barriers still exist that prevent women from fully reaching their potential. This course provides the most personalized, comprehensive women leadership development experience driving the whole women’s leadership growth, confidence and sustained public policy outcomes.

During this course, students will:

  • Understand the mechanisms that generate gaps in gender equality in positions of power and leadership and explore interventions to close these gaps.
  • Gain insight into their personal vision for leadership.
  • Build knowledge in leadership development.
  • Embrace confidence and strategies for advancement.
  • Understand the perspectives and challenges of diverse women in leadership positions.

Budget Management and Public Policy

Term Offered: Every Spring

Course Descriptions: This graduate course ‘’Budget Management and Public Policy’’ will provide an overview of public budgeting concepts, techniques, and tools. The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of public budgeting and the importance of using management processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public budgeting.

During this course, Students will understand the basic concepts necessary to perform the various functions that involve the public sector budget-making process such as, developing a budget document, preparing a business case, estimating and projecting revenues, reviewing expenditures, and managing the budget. In addition, students will explore the public policies of developing, evaluating, and implementing a public sector budget. Finally, Students will learn and examine public budgeting at the state and local level.

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