Sell a Property Fast with HappyDoor Ottawa Home Buyer Services

May 04 15:52 2022
Sell a Property Fast with HappyDoor Ottawa Home Buyer Services

HappyDoor provides the Ottawa community with a better way to sell their home off-market. HappyDoor has centered its business around offering the highest possible prices for as-is homes in any condition. This helps property owners get a fair price while avoiding the traditional costs and uncertainties of listing on market. This alternative to the traditional sales process is ideal for sellers who want to close as quickly as possible.

HappyDoor is currently buying homes in Ottawa, Toronto, and their surrounding areas. Part of what makes the company stand out from the typical off-market home buyer is their dedication to the customer. By reducing their margins and buying a higher volume of homes, they can offer more than what a seller would typically receive from an investor for an off-market sale.

There are many reasons a homeowner may be in a rush to sell their property. Perhaps they’ve stumbled upon their dream home, and there isn’t time to wait in this fast-paced market. Selling for cash can get them the money they need in time to make an offer.

Another common scenario is a difficult circumstance that requires the owner to move away from the property as soon as possible. Some examples include deaths in the family, divorces, illness, poor tenants, bad neighbors, and so on. Whether it’s worth it to forgo the benefits of a traditional sale in favor of a cash sale will depend on the owner’s circumstances. However, thanks to HappyDoor, sellers no longer have to choose between a bad situation and a reasonable price for their home.  

“When you’re dealing with a typical off-market home buyer, sellers are often pressured into accepting unreasonable offers with contracts that give the investor options to exit the agreement if they cannot re-market and assign the property to another investor,” says Brad Dolan, founder, and CEO of HappyDoor. “Not only does HappyDoor offer the highest off-market prices available, but we also provide our sellers access to a $10,000 deposit prior to closing and cover all closing costs with a guaranteed close.”

There are other benefits as well. Sometimes, a homeowner doesn’t have the time, money, or patience to hassle with repairs and renovations. Without such improvements, it could be challenging to sell the property on the traditional market as it may not be financeable through traditional banks. With HappyDoor, homes are sold as-is. The seller doesn’t need to do any work to prepare the house for the sale other than move out when the time comes. There’s no deep cleaning, no renovations, and the seller won’t have to face any embarrassment or judgment in showing their home to potential buyers.

HappyDoor is an excellent option for people who’ve inherited a property and become an unwilling landlord. This is especially the case in situations where the property is in Ottawa and the person who inherited it lives elsewhere. It could be difficult or impossible to travel to Ottawa to prepare and show the property. Letting HappyDoor takeover will allow the seller to move on with their lives without adding any additional stress during a difficult time.

“Many Ottawa home buyer companies take advantage of homeowners in these challenging situations,” says Dolan. “It isn’t fair, and I’m proud to offer a solution. Our company does right by these sellers. We’re dedicated to ensuring they walk away feeling good about the sale.”

About HappyDoor

Since its founding in 2018, HappyDoor has provided an innovative new way to sell their homes off-market for a fast cash sale. By offering fair prices and flexible closing options, they provide every client with quick and hassle-free home selling experience they deserve.

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