Mother’s Day Gifts From The Heart – Laifen hair dryer

May 05 00:01 2022

Mother’s Day 2022 is coming up. It doesn’t matter if you are a loving mom, aunt, sister, grandma yourself or just a wonderful, beauty-loving woman – this Mother’s Day is perfect for you! Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you need a gift for changing to a new useful hair dryer, why not have a try this Laifen Hair dryer?

So what kind of surprise will you get from Laifen? New design, promotional price, free shipping, etc? Let’s know Laifen will prepare some good products at most competitive price now first. They are Laifen Swift – Fast Drying Hair Dryer, Laifen Swift Special – Fast Drying Hair Dryer, Laifen Swift Quick Styling Nozzle, and Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Diffuser separately.

The Laifen Swift uses innovative technology to solve general hair problems largely ignored by consumers. The powerful 110,000 RPM brushless motor with advanced internal aerodynamics creates a high degree of air pressure through the “Kanda effect” to produce strong airflow of up to 22m/ s to smoothen hair. Also, the built-in high-precision temperature sensor and microprocessor achieve real-time calibration of air temperature up to 100 times per second to ensure the air outlet temperature does not exceed 176 ℉ and the scalp temperature is controlled at about 122 ℉, effectively avoiding the risk of scalding. 

Laifen’s specs have a constant airflow of 22 meters per second. It is a thermal protection system which electronically checks the temperature one hundred times per second. There are also three different heat settings. Antistatic through ions and 59 decibels of sound, which is lower than the sound of a traditional hair dryer.

The Laifen hair dryer is also very well designed. The series comes in four color Styles with a magnetic suction nozzle for quick styling for only $ 159.99.

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