The Breaking Point: Les Brown, Endorses New Book By Award-Winning Author, Paulette Harper

May 05 12:16 2022
The Breaking Point: Les Brown, Endorses New Book By Award-Winning Author, Paulette Harper
The bestselling book was written by Paulette Harper in collaboration with twenty other authors, who shared their experiences dealing with adversity and how they pushed through the challenges to create the life they’ve always wanted for themselves

Author, speaker, and trainer, Les Brown, has thrown his weight behind a new book written and published by Paulette Harper. 

Titled The Breaking Point, the recently published work, which is already a best-seller, features the uplifting stories of twenty men and women, who joined the award-winning Paulette Harper as co-authors, to share their amazing life experiences.

The book details the challenges and adversities each of the authors had to overcome and chronicles how their unwavering belief in their abilities helped them discover the power, and courage needed, to lift themselves out of the mud and rebuild their lives for the better.

Les Brown insists that the stories contained in The Breaking Point will inspire readers to bet on themselves and push forward, regardless of whether challenges and adversity they may be facing. 

According to Les, readers who live through the pages of this triumphant work of art will discover that they have all it takes to steer their lives in the direction they deserve.

Co-authors include: 

Teresa Ward, Tear-Stained Pillow

Sondra King, Silent Killer

Betty Collier, Love Broke Me

Judy Hewitt, Season of Purpose

Ilesha Carney, Surviving Post-Partum Depression

Lisa Humdy, Single Mother to the Streets

Joanne Harte, Evacuate

Nicole Thomas, Growing Through Grief

Diana Smith, A Journey from Pain to Purpose

Darlissha Sadler, The Switch

Lisa Marie Morton, Restored

Carolyn Coleman, Discovering My Strength

Vernice Cooper, Dust from the Lions Den

Melissa Powell-Harrell, Almost Out for the Count

Santos Howard, My Breaking Point to Manhood

Shannon Hancock, I Quit

Dr. Harriet Roberson, Grief

Sonja Babino, Cutting Loose

Jane Efua Asamoah, OH, Boy 

Marilyn Evans, Undefeated

“Have you ever arrived at a place in life where you knew you were created for more, and you were hungry for more? You knew you possessed greatness, but the life you’d been living didn’t mirror the life you desired or even deserved? These authors, who share their stories in The Breaking Point, wanted more in life. Yes, they were broken, afraid, and flawed, but decided to believe in themselves. They wanted to live to their full purpose and potential and did what was required to obtain it. With strong conviction and passion, they made the necessary turns and adjustments because they wanted more from life.”

Anyone interested in getting a copy of The Breaking Point can visit the author’s website or reach out directly to Paulette Harper via the contact info below.

About Paulette Harper

Paulette Harper is an award-winning author and certified story coach. For more than one decade, she has been teaching women how to change the narrative and turn those painful experiences into writing best-selling books. With over twelve literary works to her credit, Paulette strives to empower others through the power of storytelling.

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