A professional editor completes a manuscript by making it stand out

May 05 13:56 2022

Science Hill, KY, USA – May 5, 2022 – Throughout the worldwide pandemic we have been living through, self-publishers have continued to search for self-publishing services to help them publish their books in places like Google Play, Amazon, Smashwords, and the list goes on. One of the most important questions a self-publisher needs to answer is: should I hire a professional editor before or after I push the publish button? 

To answer that question, I’ll take you back some years ago, when I made the worst mistake in my self-publishing career. I pushed the publish button on Amazon before I had a professional editor look over my manuscript. The Scared Crow got a one-star review the very next day from the first reader who ordered it, and I feared I would not make another sale. 

After a long search for a real and honest professional book editor, I found Melissa Gray, who provided me a free book edit estimate and a free book edit sample. Once I determined she was the editor I wanted to work with, she provided me with a professional book edit, and I contacted the person who gave me that bad review and asked if they could please read it one more time, since I had released a newly edited edition. They agreed and, having read the book again, changed their review to five beautiful stars. 

The Whole World News has kept Melissa as their book editor throughout all these years, but we had to share with other book publishers. If you visit Melissa’s website you will find wonderful reviews of her editing services, not only from self-publishers but also publishers’ paperback books, and eBooks for some of the top sellers in the world. If you visit at the right time, you might even be one of the fortunate ones to reserve a slot in her editing schedule. 

In short, do not push the publish button before implementing a professional edit of your manuscript. 

(Written by Steve Caresser, owner of The Whole World News.)

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