From Evraz to New Zealand – The Alexander Abramov Story

May 05 22:39 2022
Russia, New Zealand, and Philanthropy all over the world, Alexander Abramov is not your typical Billionaire.

When we read about Russian billionaires, the name Alexander Abramov undoubtedly comes up. Abramov is regularly featured in lists of the world’s richest businessmen, richest Russians, or other lists in the same vein. But although he is worth more than $8 billion (according to Forbes) there is a lot about Alexander Abramov that doesn’t involve numbers or net worth.

What are some of the more interesting facts that are known about Alexander Abramov, the businessman, the nature-lover, the philanthropist, and the family man?

Abramov started off in the world of science

He may be one of the most powerful businessmen in the world, leading Russia’s largest steel producer Evraz, but entrepreneurship wasn’t always in Abramov’s blood.

Long before he dreamed about co-founding the iconic steel and iron empire, which employs 125,000 people, Alexander Abramov attended the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and graduated with a degree in physics and mathematics.

In fact, for an entire decade after graduation, he worked for Russia’s space and defense program.

If you had asked the young Abramov what he wanted to be when he grew up, steel magnate would probably not be one of the answers!

Abramov is a family man at heart

Let’s face it, billionaires get a lot of slack for their excessive lifestyles and their perceived loose morals. But it would be sweepingly judgmental to say that about all billionaires, most of all about Alexander Abramov.

Abramov is happily married to Svetlana, with whom he lives in Moscow. He is the father of three children, and some of his best times are spent with his family, doing the things they love together.

Abramov Works Hard and Plays Harder

This doesn’t mean that Abramov doesn’t appreciate the opportunities that come with being a multi-billionaire. He works incredibly hard for his money but also knows how to play harder. He has many hobbies which include swimming, tennis, and fishing. He is also the owner of a yacht.

Abramov Loves New Zealand

So much so that after visiting the country on one of his travels, he fell in love with the beautiful Helena Bay area and decided to build a massive country estate.

The 300-hectare Helena Bay Lodge is located between Whangarei and the Bay of Islands. It’s said to be worth $50 million and pampers visitors with water-side villas, Michelin-standard restaurants, lush vegetation, delightful hidden coves, and a 25-meter swimming pool to relax around.

Abramov Pays it Forward

One thing that many don’t know about Alexander Abramov is that he regularly donates to charity. He gives a sizable part of his vast fortune to those less fortunate, and many have benefitted from his generosity over the years.

Abramov’s charitable acts have not gone unnoticed, and he is regularly commended for his philanthropic gestures. In fact, Alexander Abramov was awarded one of the highest honors when he received the Russian Decoration for Beneficence for his public work and charity activity.

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