Moissanite Singapore Gemstones Lab-Crafted To Protect The Earth

May 06 00:03 2022
The Singapore-based jewellery provider focuses on online sales to women around the world. The value for money is exceptional for this gemstone.

De Moi Pte Ltd and Klein Leong (With a group of Master goldsmith) are pleased to announce the launch of their website to market their line of jewellery based on a lab-created gemstone. The Moissanite Singapore line of jewellery is created in the laboratory but ranks only second to diamonds for their hardness. The modern woman wants unique and exquisite jewellery, without paying the premium price of diamonds. Rather than using a lower grade of diamonds, the jewellery is created using Moissanite, a gemstone with the sparkle of diamonds (that comes originally from the space so rare and with tocology we able to produce in the lab) 

The brand name, De Moissa, translates from French to mean “This is a Moissanite.” The inspiration and passion of Moissanite jewelry Singapore stem from its ability to deliver the best and most deserving contemporary jewelry pieces to all ladies. The focus is mainly on women ages 25 to 45, and all sales are online. The contemporary jewellery line is elegant and charming.

Coeur de Moi means ‘heart of mine’ in the French language. The term represents those who possess the heart, including partners, parents, siblings, and friends. De Moissa believes that everyone should be able to own fine jewellery which can accent their looks, making them look and feel good. 

A spokesperson for the company says, “You deserve to sparkle. We created De Moissa to bring a sparkle to the world using lab-grown moissanite.”

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The finest creations are provided at affordable prices for every occasion while caring for the environment and the world. The lab-grown gemstones are environmentally friendly and sustainable. No future resources are used, and forced labour is reduced. The focus of the company is saving the earth while helping women enjoy wearing fine jewellery. Most buyers of the gems purchase online and are active on social media. The typical buyers enjoy wearing different jewellery and changing it out often. 

About the Company:

Monde de Moi means “world of mine” in French, as we took time to reflect on the impact of our world

When we feel strong and able, we challenge ourselves to do more and better for our community.

De Moi Pte Ltd offers a line of lab-grown gemstones in gold designs. The gems are nearly as hard as diamonds, and the cuts ensure that the gems sparkle. All of this beauty is achieved without environmentally damaging practices.

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