Moth Prevention Advises Using Moth Traps with Natural Pheromones that Give 3x Coverage Area and High Catch Rates

May 09 19:09 2022
Moth Prevention Advises Using Moth Traps with Natural Pheromones that Give 3x Coverage Area and High Catch Rates

Clothes and Carpet Moths, although they don’t bite, aren’t harmless when it comes to clothes or costly items like carpets. They lay their eggs which will turn into hungry Moth Larvae who love nothing more than natural fibres such as wool, silk and cashmere.  Luckily, there is a way to stop them., a Platinum Trusted Service Award-winning supplier, is pleased to present its Clothes Moth or Carpet Moth Traps and Kits that are highly effective, and give 3 months protection.

These Clothes Moth or Carpet Moth Traps and Kits are natural and safe to use for everyone (including kids and pets), and also offer professional-grade moth control. With the Traps, customers receive a step-by-step guide and a detachable hanger in order to place the Trap either on surfaces or hang in wardrobes.  MothPrevention’s Clothes Moth Killer Kit offers longer protection of up to six months. Made with German-engineered pheromones, the Moth Killer Kit is reasonably priced for home use, covering one large room or two smaller rooms. This kit is highly effective against moths, larvae and eggs and has extremely sticky strips to attract and trap Clothes moths and Carpet Moths. 

“Prompt delivery. Good product. It works!!” says a recent customer.

Another useful product is the Powerful Clothes Moth Traps & Carpet Moth Traps (3 Pack). These are natural, non-toxic, and safe Moth Traps for catching both Clothes and Carpet Moths. Whether the moths are eating sweaters or wool and textiles, the traps are designed to catch them. The catch rate of these traps has been found to be highly effective, due to the glue strip being impregnated with German-engineered natural moth pheromones.

“Unlike many other brands of moth traps and carpet moth catching kits that have a simple sticky glue strip and small pheromone ‘tablet’ to be placed nearby, our MothPrevention Moth Trap has a blend of 3 natural female moth pheromones impregnated into the entire glue surface of the sticky moth traps to catch moths. This makes the catch rate for this moth trap impressive,” says a spokesperson from Moth Prevention.

The Clothes Moth & Carpet Moth Traps can be placed in closets, wardrobes or cabinets with the help of their integral (and removable) hanger. It can also be placed on shelves. The trap acts against several moth types, such as the webbing Clothes Moth (common Clothes Moth), Case-making Moth, White Shouldered House Moth and the Brown House Moth.

The Moth Traps offered by MothPrevention target a wider 3x area compared to other moth traps. The glue strip too is adequately impregnated with natural moth attractant, making it highly effective. The trap boxes can be reused and refilled easily. 


We’ve helped more than 150,000 customers prevent moth damage and protect their homes with our exclusive German-engineered pheromone products, outstanding customer support and education, and our consistent and fast results.

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