How did the FACE X collection get over the NFT SPACE?

May 09 20:00 2022
This NFT project will revolutionize the ART in Metaverse.

How did the FACE X collection get over the NFT SPACE? NFT collections are such a topic, are they a get-rich-quick scheme or the future of culture? “When we were young, we dreamed of being superheroes, and anything was possible.” Aneck Founder and Designer

FACE X rekindles that spark.

Be creative and seek out the passion that you truly enjoyed. Welcome to the fantasy world, where we dream, learn and play together. Aneck, the designer of the collection collabs with entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and tech geniuses to showcase their best pieces of art to the NFT Space. The 4000 NFT collection boasts over 150 traits with the highest level of artistic and technical quality seen in NFTs, straight from the creative mind of the artist. Get a friend, hit a FACE X this 21st of May 2022.

They represent the craziest version of yourself in the metaverse, where you can attend parties, concerts, and plenty of snide shows. The art in this collection is valuable because it also serves as a digital identity for which the owner receives commercial use rights, meaning they can sell any type of art-based merchandise.

Aneck realized that all he really wanted was to have something to do and have like-minded people to share ideas with, in an immersive fantasy world. Virtual art was alluring, but it also had to do something. The team continues to look for ways to create more value by offering new doors that could be opened. The best part being that FACE X owners will be able to attend exclusive events such as; event, private venue and parties in hidden secret locations blending art, travel and mystery. If you manage to get your hands on it during the sale, which will be private, count yourself among an elite group who will be one of the first to join their club in the Metaverse. Owning a FACE X allows you to vote for features, products, and community events. This makes our work card collaborative to be decided by project founders and FACE X carriers. Collaborations are coming with world-class designers, street artists and illustrators. This will help the FACE X universe grow rapidly, with creative new flavors. By selecting a metaverse that best matches the ambitions of their project, they will create an “Imaginary World“ where childhood dreams can come true.

FACE X will come to life with secret areas for owners.

Further down the line, FACE X will see a future of interoperability, so that collectors can upload their characters to different areas of the metaverse: for example, an avatar could appear in a popular video game like Fortnite, and the user could dress. in a digital version, thanks to FACE X merchandising. As the universe expands, our brand grows and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, goods and events through ownership of their NFT.

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