The Ultimate Local SEO Audit Guide Local Businesses Could Ever Need

May 10 15:33 2022
Local SEO expert Tim Kahlert has compiled a comprehensive local SEO audit guide that promises to achieve great rankings on Google for local businesses.

The amount of work that goes into attaining high rankings on local search and Google Maps is insane. Knowing where to even start from requires access to a bunch of paid tools that may or may not be helpful. Then one has to familiarize themselves with complex terms like SEO, analytics, website audits, etc. Assuming that is even settled, one still needs to read and understand the ton of rules set by Google which gets outdated and updated far too frequently. Yet, after all this, one cannot even be certain if the results will be worth it. It is no wonder then that most local businesses are content with just opening a website and hoping for the very best. Tim understands the struggle and is simplifying local SEO in a way that anyone can easily grab.

In its latest article, the local SEO expert provides an extensive step-by-step guide that teaches how to exactly perform a local SEO audit in order to get great results. The article starts off with a fundamentals section that explains the importance of search engines, rank checking, and search grid check in simple terms. Then there is a list of both free and paid local SEO audit tools that are needed for the exercise. The section concludes with a summary of Tim Kahlert’s most commonly used keyword research and how Google Analytics can be used to know where current traffic comes from.

The second section looks at Google Business Profile Audit in its entirety. Tim shows how to check for duplicate of one’s Google Business Profile and how to ensure that Google hasn’t penalized one’s GBP. Then a checklist that aims to maximize the GBP performance by giving accurate information includes:

–  Choosing and optimizing a business name
–  Picking the best categories to describe one’s business
–  Specifying location and service areas
–  Adding business hours, phone numbers, and website
–  Showcasing products and services

Finally, there are tips to fight spam that could significantly impact one’s GBP in local searches.

Things get a bit technical in the next section as Tim performs an extensive website audit. There is the technical SEO audit to find any errors or warnings, the on-page audit that helps to optimize and rank the pages of a website in organic search, and the content audit to identify content-related issues hampering a website’s performance. 

The following section deals with citation audit which checks a business details against key data aggregators and citation websites, ensuring their accuracy. How to conduct a reputation audit that helps with better brand recognition occupies the next section. Finally, there is the off-page audit section which looks at activities that drives awareness and referral traffic from external sources to one’s site. 

Tim’s local SEO guide is easy to follow as it comes with a lot of screenshotted images clearly showing the steps that are explained in the sections. At the end of the guide, one should feel confident enough to take on their local SEO audit.

To learn more about local SEO and other sources Tim Kahlert has to offer, please visit the website.

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