Wyoming Investor Asks How Long Is a Goldfish’s Memory?

May 10 16:45 2022

While many assume goldfish have memory spans of mere seconds, goldfish can actually store memories for at least five months. Often underestimated, research has shown that goldfish actually demonstrate high intelligence. Pet goldfish can learn to distinguish between humans and recognize the human that regularly feeds them. We aptly named our service Goldfishes after this underestimated animal, as we perform the backend work to optimize and analyze your web page’s data. The service’s built-up research will further your company during our monthly one-to-one consultations to discuss web performance.

Web analytics drive businesses in today’s increasingly cyber focused world. Analytics serve crucial roles in increasing conversion rates and understanding which aspects of a webpage are successful and which are not. Goldfishes does the work for you by performing the analysis and emailing you the results in the form of clear charts and analytics. Our automated analytics reduces your need to hire analysts, allowing you to save the time and money that you can put towards improving your web page and business.

Top companies have proven the success of web analytics. How do you watch your entertainment content? Netflix often comes up as one of the top answers to this question. Hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens subscribe to Netflix for the vastly popular original series as well as personalized recommendations that never fail to satisfy a subscriber looking for their next show to binge. Netflix successfully analyzes their millions of views and searches per day to decide what original in house content to create next. Their success rate is high with hits such as Squid Games and Stranger Things becoming household names both in the United States and worldwide. Data minimizes risk, as projects are assigned parameters to match up with factors that made previous shows and movies successful.

Furthermore, Netflix uses data to create individualized user experience, utilizing the information from the hundreds of millions of subscribers to create customized show and movie recommendations. Analyzing the large pool of subscribers allows for in depth segmentation and the ability to increasingly narrow segments.

Understanding your consumers is a key step to distinguishing your company, and the key is to work with the data. Are you ready to capitalize on your data effectively? Let us do the backend work for you. Learn more about Goldfishes to start expanding your business to its full potential.

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