NTGD produces efficient and highly functional Knife gate valves for industrial purposes.

May 10 20:17 2022

NTGD knife gate valve company is an ISO certified knife gate valve manufacturer. The company deals in manual and actuated knife gate valves, creating significant customer value through after-sales service and reasonable prices.

NTGD is an ISO certified knife gate valve manufacturer company. It creates excellent value for customers through after-sales service and reasonable prices. Through their ongoing efforts and sustainable development, NTGD knife gate valve has become a significant manufacturer in the industry and realized its products to be well-known in the market.

NTGD specializes in manufacturing knife gate valves, including pneumatic knife gate valves, manual knife gates, conduit knife gate valves, and bidirectional knife gate valves with lug or wafer connection end. Their knife gate valves are designed according to the latest industrial standard ANSI, ASME and DIN.

Moreover, the company has also obtained the certificates ISO14001 and ISO 45001. NTGD will continue implementing technology innovation, management innovation, concept innovation and service innovation. The team behind the company strive to improve their product quality and customer service to achieve a win-win with their clients and attract more talents to join the team. NTGD sincerely welcome its respectable clients to discuss future cooperation. NTGD Knife gate valve deals in the following categories:

  • Manual Knife Gate Valve: Lug Knife Gate Valve | Wafer Type Knife Valve

  • Actuated Knife Gate Valve: Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve | Motorized Knife valve

Knife gate valve solves the problems of wedge gate valve, such as heavyweight, considerable flow resistance, large area, and complicated installation, and can replace the general cut-off valve. The gate of knife gate valve has the shearing function, which can scrape the adhesive on the surface and cover and automatically remove the sundries. 

  • Mining, coal washing, iron, and steel industry – used for coal washing pipeline, slag slurry pipeline, ash discharge pipeline, etc.

  • Purification device: used for wastewater, mud, dirt, and clear water with suspended solids.

  • Paper industry – used for any concentration of pulp, feed water mixture.

  • Ash removal in power station – used for ash slurry.

From the date NTGD was established, the founders tended to become the leading knife gate valve manufacturer in the industry. To learn more about the Knife Gate Valves, visit https://www.ntgdvalve.com/knife-valve, and for further details about the NTGD services intending customers should visit: https://knifevalve.net/.

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