Alkalife® pH Booster Drops Rated #1 for the Second Year in a Row

May 11 01:33 2022
Alkalife® pH Booster Drops Rated #1 for the Second Year in a Row
This quarter, Alkalife® is proud to announce that its Alkalife® pH Booster Drops have once again made headlines, achieving a #1 rating for the second year in a row.

The nootropic and alkaline product industry is rapidly evolving and competitive, with a multitude of vendors and manufacturers entering the space in recent years.

Projected to reach over $9 billion in annual sales globally, increased demand from consumers has led to significant innovation in the space, with Alkalife® leading the charge.

This quarter, Alkalife® is proud to announce that its Alkalife® pH Booster Drops have once again made headlines, achieving a #1 rating for the second year in a row.

Alkalife® pH Booster Drops Rated #1 for the Second Year in a Row

Founded over three decades ago, scientist-led Alkalife® has remained at the forefront of alkaline boosting products. Its Alkalife® pH Booster Drops are the only pH drops to be awarded a US Patent, utilizing a proprietary approach to producing superior results that are affordable and accessible for everyone.

About Alkalife® pH Booster Drops

Alkalife® pH Booster Drops are the only ‘alkaline drops’ product capable of achieving a pH of 10 with just three drops, making this product as efficient as it is economical. Made in FDA-certified facilities in the USA, and produced under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified conditions, Alkalife® pH Booster Drops sets the bar for high quality.

Alkalife® pH Booster Drops Awarded a #1 Rating Two Years Running by MSN Best Products

This quarter, the company hit yet another major milestone and hallmark achievement, with its pH drops rated #1 by none other than MSN Best Products.

Owned by Microsoft, MSN Best Products is a leading news and media channel, offering insightful, unbiased opinions, evaluations, ratings, and reviews of ‘best in class’ products and services.

This year (2022), marks the second year in a row that Alkalife® pH Booster Drops have been awarded a rating of #1, making them MSN Best Products’ top choice for its category, and speaking to the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the product.

Potential Benefits of Alkalife® pH Booster Drops

It has long been known that achieving ideal alkalinity in water may aid in helping the body establish, return to, or maintain a neutral pH balance. Water pH values vary widely based on human activity around water sources, natural processes in the area, source location, weather patterns, and more.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the pH of water intended for drinking should be kept at between 6.5-8.5, yet water values around the nation (and world) often fall dramatically outside of this range.

Evidence suggests that a pH closer to 8.5-10 may yield important health benefits. One such study, published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, & Laryngology showed that alkalized water was able to reduce and improve symptoms of acid reflux.

Another study, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine demonstrated the ability of alkaline water to have a positive impact on health parameters including but not limited to high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Alkalife’s Nootropic Product Line

Brain Performance Supplements

The concept that a supplement can enhance human intelligence and/or cognition is no longer decidedly science fiction. Today, drug makers and supplement manufacturers are hard at work, producing innovative product lines aimed at doing just that.

In today’s fast-paced world, a lot is expected of students, employees, athletes, and more. Nootropics, or ‘smart drugs’, offer a way for individuals to get and stay sharp, leading more individuals to seek out cognitive enhancing supplements.

According to the International Journal of Drug Policy, nearly 30% of all Americans reported using cognitive enhancers over the last year (2017). This increase was up 20% year over year and has continued its trajectory in the following years, with more individuals looking to maintain their cognitive health, or gain an edge on the competition.

As one of the most advanced and effective nootropic supplements on the market today, Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus is up to that task. This product is the only nootropic to utilize an alkalizing formula to increase the bioavailability of each ingredient, working to deliver bicarbonates to bloodstream, eliminating acids in organ systems to improve overall health and wellbeing.

About Alkalife

Founded three decades ago, Alkalife® has since remained on the bleeding edge of supplementation and wellness, creating innovative performance and health enhancers that are as effective as they are affordable.

The success of its product lines has paved the way for further growth and innovation, with the company planning on expanding its nootropic line to offer new and exciting products in the months ahead.

Those interested in learning more about Alkalife® or its product lines are encouraged to visit the official website.

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