Top 10 Colombian photographers Miami should look out for

May 11 19:42 2022
Top 10 Colombian photographers Miami should look out for
Federico Rodriguez (right) creating content for Colombia’s top PSA campaign during the pandemic.
By: Karen Rodriguez

Miami, FL – Colombia has become a hot-bed for influencers, content creators and professional tourists seeking to capitalize on the beautiful scenes that the Andean country has to offer. The boom in social media engagement via networks such as Instagram and TikTok has brought about a healthy competition of content creators rending some top influencer’s and photographers in the coffee producing company. Many of these digitak gurus call Florida their second home swining between the Sunshine State and places like Medellin to create viral photography. A list of top Colombian photographers based on achievement and reported salaries include:

The Top 10 Colombia Photographers

Joan Muñoz

Joan Muñoz stands out for his work in architectural photography due to his technique with colors and especially with perspective and angle. In addition to being a photographer, Munoz is an architect who undoubtedly gives him greater confidence and authority for taking this type of photography. Muñoz is known for the excellent way of working with a nadir angle, that is, from below, which shows the form of a building’s architecture and accounts for the lighting technique. His handling of black and white photography shows a more attractive perspective of the building as it plays with the shadows and lights that each part generates and therefore it becomes a more attractive piece.

Carlos Pelicano

Carlos Pelicano from the city of Barranquilla is dedicated to cultural photography, capturing the magic of the Caribbean region and the indigenous ethnic culture of his country.  Pelicano has stood out for getting colorful images, with a professional technique in freezing and lighting that account for a journey through the field of photography for many years. This man can inspire you if you are a photographer who is dedicated to landscapes, exotic places and especially the native people of cultures.

Luis Henry Agudelo Cano

Luis Henry Agudelo Cano is from Medellín and has stood out with his photographs in the series Young People Who Embellish Death. He has participated in different contests, being the winner in the Still Life category of the Sony World Photography Awards Professional competition in 2017. His work takes the audience to ponder images they are not normally exposed to and are thus intriguing.

Miguel Verona

Miguel Verona is dedicated to documentary photography, originally from the city of Popayán, he has stood out in the world of photography for his black and white images as well as for showing color spaces that stand out for the feeling and closeness that it generates between the viewer and those portrayed.

Federico Rodriguez

Federico Rodriguez is known for his spiritual-based photography capturing natural, architectural and human subjects with tones and lighting that invite viewers to think about a fourth dimension. Yet his versatility in the visual arts has taken him to be a leading photographer for top performers both in Colombia and abroad. He is the official photographer for various award-winning artists including urban music star Redimi2, American singer Evan Craft and Colombian-American mega band Generacion 12. His work doesn’t stop there, Rodriguez is also often seen as the lead photographer for public figures such as former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and current Ambassador of Colombia to the United States Francisco “Pacho” Santos. Rodriguez has a reputation to be the go-to photographer for viral influencers and Colombian celebrities.

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