Castlewell Creations LLC Launches The Exigo Tracking App for Real-time GPS Tracking

May 11 20:49 2022
Castlewell Creations LLC Launches The Exigo Tracking App for Real-time GPS Tracking
Providers of tech-driven business solutions, Castlewell Creations LLC, announces the launch of Exigo Tracking, an innovative utility app that provides an ETA with a real-time GPS tracking map

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in customer service following the launch of Exigo Tracking by Castlewell Creations LLC. Described as “a revolutionary must-have customer service tool for all mobile-service and field-service businesses,” the utility app comes with unique features and functionality, including providing real-time GPS tracking with convenient ETA notifications to customers.

Time is valuable for all of us. Many of us don’t like waiting for the visitors/technicians with an uncertain timeframe and I believe a good customer service should respect customers’ time as well. This app solves the frustrating waiting time and ensures customers do not waste time waiting for the service provider.”

The business environment has become increasingly competitive over the years, as organisations seek ways to increase their share of the market. It is even more intense for businesses delivering mobile and field services, such as plumbing companies, food delivery, real estate companies, and a host of others. Consequently, they have to go the extra mile to meet and even surpass customer expectations to ensure brand loyalty and customer retention. Therefore, Castlewell Creations is looking to ease the path to customer satisfaction with the launch of Exigo Tracking.

The goal is to help businesses deliver the best experience to clients and build a rewarding relationship, starting from earning a positive first impression even before arrival at the customer’s location. Exigo Tracking is designed to ensure customers are well-informed of the status of the service provider up until arrival at their location. Other features and benefits of Exigo Tracking are arrival notification to customers to give them a heads up, a state-of-the-art tracking map to enable customer easily track location of service provider, and a clipboard to save destinations and phone number of customers for future use to avoid typing in the same details repeatedly for the same destination.

Exigo Tracking is versatile and can be used when driving or walking to a customer’s location, providing the best route for prompt service delivery.

The Exigo Tracking app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play for users of iOS and Android devices.

For further information about Exigo Tracking and how to harness the immense features of the app, visit –

Exigo Tracking can also be found across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube @exigotracking.

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