Reinvigorating the Art World With NFTs: Maecenas Lab and the Search for the Next Big Thing in Art

May 19 22:12 2022

Maecenas Lab is finding the artists that will define the next generation and raising money for them through the sale of NFTs. This is the 21st century equivalent of the namesake Gaius Maecenas, whose patronage of young poets led to the rise of both Horace and Virgil.

It’s an exciting NFT art project, uniting investors with artists to build the careers of creators from around the world. Using the blockchain as a way to crowdsource funds and distribute them in a democratic way, Maecenas Labs is taking an entirely new approach to art funding.

The way Maecenas Lab is structured seeks to solve the major problems in both the art world and the world of blockchain technology. With the right balance of community mixed into the patronage model, the project is producing NFT assets that have real value — both as tokens in the marketplace and a force for good in the world.

Hearing the Unheard

One of the core values at work at Maecenas Lab is the pursuit of artists from regions of the world that have been traditionally underrepresented in the global art market.

Too many talented artists are completely contained in small communities due to a lack of resources and support. This deprives the world of their work, just as it deprives the artist of compensation.

This is especially true in developing countries. Here, where there are no institutions able or willing to meaningfully invest in new talent, Maecenas Lab can make the largest impact. By opening up the NFT marketplace to these artists, everything is suddenly possible.

In this way, Maecenas Lab is using the blockchain technology to leapfrog steps of development for these countries — granting their artists access to an entirely new realm of capital. And it is capital tied to individual investors looking to have NFT holdings with some meaningful underlying value. A win-win.

Solving the Speculation Game

One of the most damaging trends in both art and blockchain technology in recent years has been rampant speculation. These speculative games add in unnecessary risk for investors, and they leave emerging artistic talent without the patronage they need.

In art, market speculation has led to extravagant prices at the top end and a hollowing out of institutions that provide the necessary, steady investment into emerging and mid-career artists that the arts have always required. With so much money being absorbed at one end of the market, it leaves very little opportunity for new voices to establish themselves. Above a certain line of notoriety, this speculation dramatically inflates prices. But that only creates a greater chasm to jump for those starting their careers or living in cultures that big money remains ignorant of.

To make matters worse, the few remaining art patronage organizations are sclerotic, aging into obsolescence. What support that does exist for the arts is more and more tied to enormous corporations and endowment funds that do not represent any kind of popular interest. In fact, it actively reduces the public appeal of the arts by bending it to the tastes of a few.

Cryptocurrency and NFTs have also experienced their fair share of irresponsible speculative chaos. The exponential growth of interest in these technologies has been met by an equal growth in confidence games parading as the next big thing in the blockchain sector.

But these problems have solutions. By applying the unique strengths of NFTs towards the deep need in the art world for investment in emerging and mid-career artists, investors can own an asset that has underlying value, while artists can get the support they need.

Avoiding the Pump and Dump

Today, many people are throwing their money into shitcoins, only to come out empty handed. These are the dregs of the blockchain revolution — the field of empty promises and irresponsible investment.

The proliferation of shitcoins over the last several years does not seem to be slowing down. Instead, riding on every wave of crypto news comes a host of shitcoins ready to exploit optimism and to cash out before the wave breaks.. 

Unlike shitcoincs, Maecenas Lab presents NFTs that have an actual inherent value. While any market can go up and down, there is a utility at the heart of these tokens. They are backed by the artwork and the talent of the artist, and as their careers are developed and grown through their collaboration with Maecenas Lab, the underlying asset increases in value as well.

But owning a Maecenas Lab NFT also unlocks access to a number of member benefits, further increasing the use value of these tokens. By using the community to add to the value proposition, there is an added incentive for individuals to invest in the artists.

That’s what sets these art NFTs apart. The structure is unique, putting resources back into the curation of the collection and the artists who contribute their talent, as well as the generation of cultural events and projects.

This constant reinvestment shores up the base of the NFTs, and it furthers the mission at the heart of Maecenas Lab: art patronage.

The New Art Market

Maecenas Lab is building a new art market, one that radically removes the gatekeepers. With the technology available to us, there is no reason to keep artists behind the same barriers that have existed for hundreds of years.

The use of NFTs to link investors to yet-undiscovered artists from underrepresented parts of the globe promises to unleash a new creative force in the world. And because these NFTs have multiple value propositions combined into one asset, they are safe from the risky speculative storm that tears through many blockchain based projects.

By bringing together these two worlds, Maecenas Lab is bringing us the artists who will define a new era of art. Who is the Virgil of our time? We will soon find out.

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