How Yannick Kizito became a renowned adviser to the best basketball players in the world

May 19 22:15 2022
From humble beginnings to building Epsportsgroup, Yannick leads the charge in helping players and coaches take their careers to new heights by providing individual attention to their specific needs and wants, on and off the court.

Yannick Kizito, the founder of Epsportsgroup and a top FIBA-certified agent, continues to make waves globally for offering representation to basketball players and coaches in all major markets, helping players and coaches take their careers to new heights.

Prior to making headway globally in the sports scene, Yannick Kizito started as a young player in his local team, where he played basketball at the age of 13 and quickly began to interest other teams in his region. 

He then received an opportunity to play for another team in a higher division and was blessed to have a coach who believed in his passion and talent.

“He was coming to pick me up at home after school to practice and play games. I also played in the past for youth teams in Brussels, eventually winning a championship that I will never forget,” explains Yannick Kizito. 

At the young age of 17, Yannick received an opportunity to finish high school in the United States, completely changing his basketball approach. 

“I always made sure to build great relationships along the way, and some of the coaches I played against started to ask me where I am from and if I knew players interested in going to the United States and playing for their team,” says Yannick Kizito. 

Yannick was in a college visit in Jackson state, Mississippi, when he lost his wallets, money, and belongings after visiting the area and trying out for the college team. 

“I didn’t know what to do. I slept outside. I was in bus stations because I didn’t have anywhere to go and lost all the money I had,” recalls Yannick Kizito.

During this ordeal, Yannick met a person who was working in the construction industry. The person offered him to stay at one of the hotels he was renovating in exchange for his help with the renovation. 

“I didn’t have a choice, so I accepted the offer and tried to make some money to buy a flight ticket back home,” says Yannick Kizito. Two days later, a young player from his hometown texted  on messenger asking if Yannick could help him find a school and have the same experience he had playing high school basketball.

“He didn’t know I was struggling that time. However, I explained to them the process and how it worked out for me to get there,” he says. Yannick helped the guy get a student visa, including some office papers such as translating diploma transcripts and finding a host family after finalizing his enrollment in the school. 

The young player and his family were so happy and thrilled and decided to reward Yannick. He was, in turn, delighted to get the reward since he needed to fly back home. 

After helping out the young player, Yannick Kizito started to receive several requests from other players, asking for his assistance in their basketball journey. 

To date, Yannick Kizito has placed more than 100 players from Europe and Africa in high school and college basketball . After building great relationships with college coaches, they also started to seek assistance from Yannick in placing college players in Europe professional teams. This paved the way for him to get a license and become the youngest FIBA-certified agent in 2015.

Yannick has already placed hundreds of players in Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and many others. And negotiated over 6millions worth of contracts

In 2021, he advised the father of a player who got drafted in the NBA as a lottery pick. Thanks to his hard work, commitment, and persistence, he is now representing and advising top players in the world. 

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