The AIOW Project introduces the Wallet of Fame, an easy way to promote NFT releases.

May 19 22:43 2022
AIOW provides support for creators with the Wallet of Fame, a straightforward, easy-to-use service that allows people to promote their NFT releases long-term. It only costs creators one of their NFTs to promote their NFT artwork on the Wallet of Fame visual grid.

AIOW is pleased to unveil its new NFT promotion platform, the Wallet of Fame, which supports creators with a straightforward space to promote their NFT releases. This is a crucial step for the AIOW project that is continually exploring new ways to help creators. The Wallet of Fame aims to help creators promote their projects to the masses and also helps NFT lovers discover new projects from the visual grid.

“The Wallet of Fame is part of the AIOW Project which consists of the AIOW App, $AOIW, and the AIOW NFT Collections.”

The Wallet of Fame is a visual grid that features NFT projects and releases. It is a long-term grid that allows NFT projects to be discovered by NFT enthusiasts without any extra hassle for the creators. Once projects feature on the Wallet of Fame, the creators can boost their NFTs for more exposure. Wallet of Fame also makes it so that creators don’t need ETH to promote their NFT project, it only costs them one NFT from their collection. “This makes the Wallet of Fame suitable for any creator, regardless of assets held.”

The NFT space has seen many new projects launch; however, many get buried in the ever-present buzz of the space. The Wallet of Fame is aimed at helping NFT projects stand out from the crowd. It also simplifies the process, only requiring creators to enlist their NFT and gain long-term exposure. This also opens doors for discovery by collectors. To enlist an NFT project on the Wallet of Fame, creators will pay with one of their NFTs to place their NFT artwork on a visual grid. Once the project is featured, it remains on the grid forever, allowing for continuous discovery and boosts to claim a bigger piece of the grid. “You can boost your NFT at any given time with some $AIOW tokens, or if you have one of the AIOW NFTs, you get a free monthly boost.”

The Wallet of Fame is an ever-changing and expanding visual NFT artwork grid that will feature new projects all the time. To keep updated on changes and other news on the Wallet of Fame, people can join the AIOW Project’s discord, where exclusive information on the project and the Wallet of Fame will be shared.

Essentially, the Wallet of Fame is very easy to use, only requiring three steps to get projects uploaded. First, creators have to connect their wallets where they gain access to the Wallet of Fame database. With that done, the next step is to upload NFT artworks. Creators can enlist one or more NFT projects at a time. For more notoriety, creators can also boost their NFTs as often as possible. The Wallet of Fame provides various packages to support NFT projects and creators.

The much-awaited official release of the Wallet of Fame is scheduled for Q2 2022, with progress updates provided regularly on discord.

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