LARA Media Group Launches SEMSEA 1.2, A Semantic Search Engine Ranking Algorithm

May 19 22:48 2022

The innovative digital media company, LARA Media Group, announces the release of SEMSEA 1.2, the company’s proprietary semantic search engine ranking algorithm.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford’s ACT group, the algorithm takes the guessing work out of the equation by providing real-time access to hundreds of vital ranking parameters.

Actively tested on The VOU Magazine – a fashion and beauty magazine for forward-thinking fashionistas – the magazine reports a 370% increase in Google ranking results, 22x more clicks, and a rise by 60% in on-page shopping when compared to the company’s first release, SEMSEA 1.1.

SEMSEA 1.2 extracts ranking measurements from text, images, video, and audio, inbound and outgoing links quality and relevancy, entity saturation, search queries and audience intent, and several other key ranking factors, guiding the creation of high-quality, relevant, top-ranking content.

With SEMSEA 1.2’s humanlike understanding of highly complex queries, multimodal construct able to handle diverse media types, and granular output, LARA Media Group, raises the bar in content quality, relevance, and utility.

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