About Logesa Logistics, an Innovative Company in the Logistics Sector and its founder Esat Karlıdağ

May 19 22:51 2022

Turkish businessperson Esat Karlıdağ was born on August 24, 1985, in Adana. Esat Karlıdağ, who entered the logistics sector in Turkey with Murat Logistics in the first place, was brought to the General Logistics Directorate of Turkey within the company a short time later. Thus, he had the chance to develop himself in the sector. Esat Karlıdağ, who founded his own company “Logesa Logistics” within the scope of his experience in the sector, provides services in many areas. He is currently working on a sectoral basis in his own well-known company. “Who is Esat Karlıdağ”, a compilation of what needs to be known about Esat Karlıdağ’s education and career life is in the article.


Businessperson Esat Karlıdağ completed his education in 2007, graduating from the Faculty of Business Administration and the Economics and Administrative Sciences at Hatay Mustafa Kemal University. In 2008 – 2009, he completed his military service by enlisting in the military. After returning from the military, he quickly entered business life and started to improve himself in his sector. He worked diligently to establish his own company. 


Esat Karlıdağ quickly entered the sector in the family company Karsel Nakliyat, founded by his father Halil Karlıdağ. Esat Karlıdağ, who spent most of his career in the logistics sector, finished his military service in 2009 and worked as a regional manager at Murat Logistics in the same year. Then, he came to the position of General Logistics Manager of Turkey and carried out activities related to the logistics sector. In 2020, he founded Logesa Logistics with his equity. 

Esat Karlıdağ, who, as Logesa Logistics, works in different types of services in the sector, basically provides services in Frigo Transport, Frigo Transport with Elevator, Cold Chain Transport, and Micro Distribution Logistics. Logesa Logistics, which provides transportation services all over Turkey, continues to make a difference in the sector.

In addition, Logesa Logistics, in cooperation with large companies such as Migros, Vestel, BİM, and Şok, is expanding its service network day by day. Esat Karlıdağ uses innovative technologies in Logesa Logistics, enabling its customers to access the service much more easily.  

Stating that 2021 was a year that pioneered development for them, Karlıdağ said that they continued their corporate work in 2022 as well: “We adopt an innovative service approach and offer services using technological equipment. Contributing to the industry is very important to us. Therefore, I can say that we continue our work meticulously.”

Esat Karlıdağ continues to work as the Chairman of Logesa Logistics Board of Directors as of 2022. 


Esat Karlıdağ, who carries out innovative works in his sector, has received various awards in diverse fields. These awards can be listed as follows:

2020: Young Business Person of the Year Award
2021: MASEN Environmental Awareness Award
2022: Dora Top Young Entrepreneur Award Nominee

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