Don Carter & Made 2 Move Performance are changing the way people think about fitness

May 24 04:01 2022

While many gyms suffered and even closed during Covid, Made2Move was just getting started. Don Carter brought a team together to create a new and unique opportunity for the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale community. With so many clubs folding, Don saw an opportunity, a niche. He said, “In the midst of Covid, my career was taken right out from under me. How Covid impacted the fitness industry has taught me resiliency, loyalty, and the importance of community. Also, the importance of creating a fitness center ​space that sets itself apart from the rest. We live by the creed of correct, protect, and progress.”

Mental and physical conditioning Coaches at Made2Move Performance work with each client to create mobility, enforce stability and build strength. Rather than setting huge goals that can cause people to give up early on, Coaches help clients get 1% better each day. This inspires a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. Clients are taught to listen carefully to their own bodies and learn about certain movements and responses. Learning to “speak the body’s language” produces the most complete and longest-lasting results. By better understanding how the body responds and the mental perspective surrounding health and wellness, it’s far less likely a client will become discouraged and quit. Everybody is different so customization is key.

Made2Move Performance stands out with its holistic approach. The human body cannot be isolated to mere muscle groups. Rather than just lifting weights, Made2Move Performance provides a complete experience, combining the mental component and integrating strategies to accomplish individualized goals, and proper recovery, with a personalized supplementation protocol. This assists in daily recovery, weight gain or loss, and long-term performance.

The facility itself has a community feel and a unique vibe. Take, for instance, the Made 2 Move Nutrition Café. It has open bar seating so guests have a chance to mingle while sampling fresh meals by Healthy Chef Phx—voted #1 meal prep in Arizona. Even the positions of the head officers are refreshingly different. For instance, Don Carter is the head of Performance and Marketing.

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