Send packages overseas easily with Karton Express: A new option to deliver a complete parcel

May 26 15:48 2022
Send packages overseas easily with Karton Express: A new option to deliver a complete parcel

How to send an international package?

There is no denying that the form of transportation today has developed and raised the service very far. It can easily order products or deliver parcels from Thailand to Italy easily or anywhere else in the world. Through the leading shipping service platform which is considered an important key that helps build confidence and design alternatives that meet their desire. Therefore, choosing a shipping service provider becomes an essential problem for the first step in delivering parcels abroad!

Especially if one wants to ship the parcel to the United States. One will more need to rely on service providers with higher standards, better transportation options, and partners. Which must be under the concept that focuses on delivery time, ease, and reasonable price. Start the first shipping to United State here!

Check the readiness before starting the service

So that the parcel is closely monitored. Make sure that the platform one use have prepared a solution that covers the whole shipping process throughout the supply chain? Below is a function that guarantees parcel shipping quality, which anyone can find at Karton Express.

  • Receive the parcel from the house
  • Supports fresh and dry food shipping
  • Prepare the warehouse for distribution around the world.
  • Design specific transportation solutions

Famous shipping brand

Another thing that must have to be checked is the shipping company that needs to be standardized and well-known in the industry. Karton Express has presented a good and ready transportation option through many famous partners that allow anyone to design the service by themselves. With advice for safety and maximum efficiencies in parcel delivery, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Aramex, and many others at Karton Express.

Karton Express – One-Stop Service

Many people have turned to Multimodal Transportation more because the growth of businesses and households makes the demand for shipping even more complicated. One-time shipping may need more than one form of transportation (e.g. shipping products to the destination by ship and delivering the product to the house by truck/motorbike). This is the reason why Karton Express has developed a complete solution in one place. They are the real one-stop service; start from receiving products, evaluating parcels, providing invoices & packing lists, and importing services. All of this is only one service. If someone needs international parcel shipping, visit them now!

Worth every spending at Karton Express

One of the Karton Express’s strengths is presenting a significantly cheaper shipping cost for customers. For example, try to imagine the comparison of the same process of shipping rate while using the Karton Express one-stop service and doing the whole process by itself. There will find out a higher gap rate in the self-management shipping process that will make everyone changes their minds!

Doing the whole process of shipping aboard is not only cost overpriced. But it is also wasting our time! Please try out this service then no one will forget what the shipping difficulties are.

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