My Timeshare Attorney Clarifies Things about Timeshare Misrepresentations

June 02 02:36 2022
My Timeshare Attorney Clarifies Things about Timeshare Misrepresentations
My Timeshare Attorney is one of the leading law firms specializing in timeshare canceling in Florida. They clarify things about timeshare misrepresentations.

Venice, Florida – June 1, 2022 – My Timeshare Attorney is a qualified law firm that expert in timeshare cancellation Florida. It is easy to fall prey to the false promises of an unethical sales representatives and buy into a timeshare scam in Florida, thinking that it will offer you everything you were promised. My Timeshare Attorney explains things about those timeshare misrepresentations.


When asked about the timeshare misrepresentations, the spokesperson of My Timeshare Attorney replies, “False promises are made by sales individuals all the time. People will be promised the world, but at the end of the day, when they sign the contract, they will not find any of their promises in writing. Common promises made by timeshare scams include: your timeshare will be a valuable investment, you will be able to sell your timeshare to a third party at a premium, can rent out the timeshare and make rental income, will be afforded a priority over others when they are booking a reservation, that the interest that they receive on their timeshare will continue to appreciate and thus make their investment even more valuable.”All these promises are made when you attend a sales pitch for a timeshare company. After people have signed the contract and demanded these benefits, they will be met with incredulous looks and told that they misunderstood the service.

She continues, “Yes, since none of this is in writing, people cannot claim timeshare fraud, and will be forced to either stick with the timeshare for a reduced number of benefits or sell it off for a loss. The sales pitches by timeshare companies are nothing short of a circus and can last a very long time. This technique is specifically designed to wear you out. A pressure is created to draw people in, and once they are ready to commit, they are led through the contract signing process at a record pace. The key intention here is to get people tired enough that they do not read the purchase documents. A wise step is to let them know you will consult a timeshare attorney first.”

My Timeshare Attorney’s experienced timeshare attorney in Florida is an expert in handling these kinds of cases.

“As a fully licensed and insured law firm, we offer timeshare exit services to timeshare owners that feel the timeshare representatives misrepresented material facts and or failed to disclose information that otherwise may have prevented the buyer from purchasing the timeshare. Don’t become another victim – beware of timeshare scams and fraud – let us help you not only discover how to get rid of timeshare “investments” but cancel it to be free of its financial burden!” concluded the spokesperson of My Timeshare Attorney.

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My Timeshare Attorney is a fully licensed and insured law firm specializing in timeshare canceling. They have full merchant services, accepting Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, direct ACH withdrawal, and PayPal.

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