Finish Robotics Brings Robotic Painting To Life

June 02 03:16 2022
Finish Robotics brings factory-level automation and productivity to the construction site.

Pittsburgh, PA – Finish Robotics, a recent entrant into the emerging field of construction robotics, is excited to announce the release of the Finishbot Autonomous Coating System. 

The Finishbot Autonomous Coating System uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) models to produce high-resolution 3D surface representations to automate the application of coatings for commercial buildings. This revolutionary technology allows professional painters to complete jobs up to 75 percent faster, signifying a significant productivity boost for the industry.

Co-founded by Ricky Houghton, Finish Robotics is the product of dozens of interviews and site visits with commercial painters and industry experts to discover how to best increase job productivity without changing existing human workflows. Houghton has spent his career building and launching hardware and software robotics companies. He quickly saw the opportunity to apply recent autonomous vehicle innovations to the construction site in ways no one had previously identified. The adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) has exploded in the last decade across warehouse logistics. However, it is just now emerging in the agricultural sector. It will bring similar improvements and productivity gains to the dynamic construction sector when adopted. 

“We optimize our design and engineering around time to value,” remarked Ricky Houghton, Co-Founder and CTO of Pittsburgh-based Finish Robotics. “We arrive on-site and start producing within 30 minutes. There is no pre-programming of the job site required beforehand, and not much changes with the human process to integrate a Finishbot into the crew,” he added. 

Finishbot Autonomous Coating Systems have already completed over 125,000 square feet of painting with several early pilot customers in the Pittsburgh area. With the early success and potential of the technology on full display, Finish Robotics looks forward to expanding its pilot program and distributing Finishbots to additional construction sites in the upcoming quarter.

About Finish Robotics 

Founded in 2021 by Ricky Houghton and Robb Myer, Finish Robotics is a leading robotics company with a vision to bring factory automation and productivity to the construction industry for surface preparation and coating using collaborative, autonomous mobile platforms. Finish Robotics’ dedicated team of engineers, product designers, and operators has helped solve some of the most pressing skill gaps and labor shortages affecting the modern commercial painting industry. A venture-backed company, Finish Robotics has received funding from Carnegie Mellon University, Innovations Works, Tango.VC, 99 Tartans, and other valued investors.

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