Maria Jose Alvarez B Talks About How Thoughts Create Life

June 02 16:27 2022
If a person learns to think about what it wants, that is what it will has in life

Is it the lack of money the parents’ fault? Does not having a partner means that relationships are difficult? if a person argues with another is it because it’s against? answering yes to any of these questions, it means to blame on the external factors over the living experiences and not take responsibility of their own life.

The intention of the text is not for the person to blame and consider itself as the worst, but is created to recognize that, the responsible of suffer or not something is the person itself, originated from their mental programming.

Is the time for all humans been to comprehend that are creators of their reality; reality doesn’t emerge randomly or by coincidence, on the contrary, every thousandth of a second of the life has been created for each person, and it is the time to create the dream and wanted life, a life without fear or lack of faith.

The mental programing creates and attract what each person is living in this instant and what it will live. These programming’s are the believes which one grown up with since childhood, the believes about love, money, journeys, job, health, and everything else in life. If someone grew up in an environment where the spoken language was about scarcity, these are the programming’s of this person, but, if the spoken language was about abundance, these would be the believes, which are the ones that determinates what it is attracted to life.

¿To have everything wanted, just thinking about it is enough? no, it is not: to have the experiences wanted in life, each person must be sure that it would be that way, and its necessary to have positive mind programming’s and thoughts about them, translated into a happier that saddest life, and a life with more faith.

The invitation is to stop blaming external factors for the negative experiences and to get responsibility over the own thoughts; begin to identify and change the negative mind programming’s, to be able to fell more happiness, act accord to this and attract it to personal life.

It is true that losing emotional weight and change lifelong thoughts to new ones it’s not easy, it’s even more difficult than losing physical weight, but however, it’s possible. Just as a person goes to doctors focused on the physical body, such as a dentist or an orthopedist, it is also important to go to the doctors of the mind and soul. Train and educate the mind is necessary to have a positive life.

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