Introducing Mella Salon Equipment, the “Apple” of Warmers for Hair Removal

June 03 16:15 2022
Developed by an esthetician with 21st century features, Mella Salon Equipment sets a new standard for professional wax and sugar warmers

As soon as a client steps into a salon, the first thing they will notice is its aesthetics – from the interiors down to the equipment. According to April Bartlett, founder of Mella Salon Equipment, the client experience starts with the salon environment. And unfortunately, the warmer has been forgotten.

Seeing how outdated most salon equipment looks, she started Mella to help salon owners elevate their salons with sleek, sophisticated look and technology – making their day-to-day go smoother than ever. Mella currently offers four exclusive features that are patented and non-existent in any other warmer on the planet.

To address the struggles of cleaning old-fashioned warmers, its warmers were designed with Patented Silicone Skins that are naturally non-stick. Not only do these skins make cleaning a breeze, but they’re also stylish and functional. With its skins coming in color choices that blend with salon decor, Mella’s style remains unmatched.

Other features that make Mella stand out are its temperature range for both sugar and traditional wax and its mobile app. Normally, salon owners either buy a sugar warmer or a wax warmer. And when it comes to preparing wax and sugar, it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, respectively, for both to be ready for use. Thankfully, Mella’s mobile app allows users to turn them on/off from anywhere, saving time and offering convenience like no other.

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About Mella Salon Equipment

Mella Salon Equipment is a game-changing professional wax and sugar warmer that offers style, cleanliness, and convenience all at once.

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