Quick Camps – 30 years of remote camping experience

June 03 17:59 2022

Remote camp infrastructure is an essential part of many Australian projects. For the past decade, Quick Camps has been providing turnkey mobile accommodation for companies, who need to set up temporary accommodation in remote locations throughout Australia. 

Their camp modules can accommodate 8 to 50 people and are designed to withstand the various harsh environment conditions in rural regions, from the desert to the coastline. Quick Camps will cater to the practical side of their clients operations and the well-being of their team. Their 2021 newly built camps provide crews with a modern and practical space to relax and unwind at the end of their shift.

They guarantee our camps will help to keep their clients staff feeling focused and supported throughout the life cycle of your project, which is why Quick Camps offers such a serious value proposition to your operations.

Exploration caravans:

Quick Camps Australia provides a range of mobile camp accommodation options for a variety of industries operating in remote locations. The camps are designed and built by drilling and exploration professionals and are expandable to meet the needs of each individual project. 

The mobile camps can be used for a variety of purposes, including exploration camps, construction camps, and mining camps. Quick Camps Australia also provides facility management to support their clients project lifecycle. Quick Camps has extensive experience in camp management offering a full range of services, including logistic support, cleaning, catering, travel and check-ins. Quick Camps team guarantee their clients crew will live and work in a clean and safe environment. Additionally, they offer a range of healthy and homely meals that can be delivered to site.

Quick Camps Australia is committed to providing quality service and accommodation to its clients, and to ensuring that each camp is well-equipped and comfortable for all guests.

Construction camp | Donga hire

Quick camps exploration camp units are used for remote workforce accommodation on major construction and mining sites across Australia. The mobile accommodation units are set up on or near project work sites to minimize travel time for workers. These accommodation units offer modern air-conditioned single-person rooms with fridge and USB outlets as well as separate bathroom and laundry rooms. 

Quick Camps offers a range of transport and logistics solutions to make sure the accommodation units are set up quickly and efficiently, to ensure project timelines run smoothly. Licenced under 3500kg & towable by Landcruiser or Ford Ranger, our traiermounted modules are easy to move quick to move and easy to setup.

Quick Camps mobile construction camp units are expandable. Clients have the flexibility to add or remove accommodation modules as the workforce capacity changes. 

Final Thoughts

Quick Camps comprehensive turnkey package features all of the camp accommodation, logistical management, catering, and housekeeping services required to support your project. Or you can choose a more ‘do it yourself’ approach… You decide?

Quick Camps management has applied years of remote contracting experience to design and build its own innovative mobile accommodation in-house that focuses on staff wellbeing in the field.

For more information visit https://www.quickcamps.com.au.

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