Chris Parsons Announces Launch of New Book That Is Set to Restore Marriages, One Partner at a Time

June 03 18:02 2022
The author and marriage coach deposits nuggets of insight and lessons from years of experience in the new book targeted at resolving marital issues

With rising cases of divorce and marital separation, a gap has been revealed in the conventional practice of restoring a marriage. This practice stems from the belief that both spouses have to be willing and available to make the marriage work. However, professional marriage coach, Chris Parsons believes otherwise with the release of his new book: ‘It Starts with You: The Secret to a Passionate Marriage and Peaceful Home (Even if Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Change).

Chris Parsons book embodies a first-of-its-kind system poised to transform a marriage, without requiring that both spouses be on board. The founder of Starts with You Coaching started out working with married individuals whose spouses had checked out of the marriage and were not interested in working out things. Through such experiences, he discovered that the conventional process of working on the marriage was all wrong, as he was soon able to record massive results by just working on one of the partners.

He realized that a majority of marriage problems were as a result of an individual’s internal struggles that erupt in the marriage, with many people feeling stuck in their marriage because it seemed their spouses were unwilling to change. However, these people did not realize that the power to change things were in their own hands. Speaking on the purpose of the book, Chris had this to stay: “It Starts with You was written to empower readers to create the change they wanted to see in their marriage and get their spouse to want to change things as well. I’ve included the lessons I learned in my own marriage, as well as case studies of other couples that I have helped in order to help restore love and fulfillment in marriages”.

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About Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons is a professional marriage coach who has been helping people in their marriages since 2017. He is also the founder of “Starts with You Coaching” which is a new and radical approach for married people to heal old wounds, resolve hurts from a spouse, and elevate one’s marriage to experience passion, peace, and joy.

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