Website Tracks and Visualizes Trades made by ARK Funds.

June 06 13:03 2022

With all buzz around the markets a new website was launched for tracking trades made in the ARK funds. is one of the only websites that visually displays this data to visitors looking to see each of the holdings in their ETFs. View complete lists of holdings and recent trade activity, as well as news related to each fund, all in one place.

Looking at the trade data and numbers through table rows can be tiresome and inefficient. The CathiesArkTracker platform was created to find the answers to this problem. The solution? Displaying the data visually and comparing the share price of each fund to the trade data. Users are able to filter the data by share amount or by nominal value of each position and the capital allocated.

CathiesARKTracker is a tool that comes during a time of explosive growth in retail investors and general interest in the markets. What better way to learn about new companies than looking at the tracker tool to see what’s sparking interest in some actively managed funds. Many names in these actively managed funds are up-and-coming growth companies and so it’s good for the average Joe investor can be able to learn about these companies and what the big funds are buying. With CathiesArKTracker you can see just that: browse recent trades and  position sizing, see how recent purchases or sells are a result of share price movement, and compare position sizes between share amount or capital allocated to each name. Data is updated daily and you can view up to a year’s worth of historical entries.

Company Name: Cathies Ark Tracker LLC

Person Name: Lucas Hansen


Location: Delaware, United States

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