Tech Entrepreneur and top Hispanic Business Executive Freddy Vaca introduces a revolutionary DeFi project Lunar Flare to the market.

June 07 17:12 2022
Tech Entrepreneur and top Hispanic Business Executive Freddy Vaca introduces a revolutionary DeFi project Lunar Flare to the market.
Since its Launch following Memorial Day weekend, the Lunar Flare (LFG) token has smashed all expectations. This is quickly becoming the gold standard in hyper-deflationary protocols.

Dallas, Texas – Dallas Based Tech Entrepreneur Freddy Vaca introduces revolutionary DeFi token project focused on innovative “Burnamatics” technology and the transfer of wealth. “The mechanics are simple, while their application is anything but. The protocol creates and maintains an active ecosystem by enforcing scarcity. It’s easy: a consistently decreasing supply and increasing demand,” said Vaca.

Vaca, best known for his role as one of the founding executives of Powerhouse, Contingent Workforce Provider’s Pinnacle Group, Vaca is no stranger to big business and innovative projects. In 2015, Vaca initiated the “social staffing firm” initiative, a transformational rebrand for all of Pinnacle Group, including a top-to-bottom technology infrastructure overhaul. Freddy was instrumental in negotiating the transformational acquisition of the Silicon Valley-based company Provade VMS (now The acquisition took Pinnacle Group global and represented over $3 billion dollars in spending under management in over 50 countries. Pinnacle Group operates in all 50 States, including Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Ireland. Freddy continues to serve as a special advisor to the CEO.

“Lunar Flare has exceeded our expectations. We set out to create something disruptive, we needed a protocol that would flip the world on its head,” said Vaca. Since its launch, Lunar Flare’s innovative smart code has completed 10,000 transactions, and burnt almost 100 billion tokens, while making a splash on the charts. In the weeks to come, Vaca and team plan to launch “BurnSwap”. BurnSwap offers an opportunity to those who have held digital assets which have lost value over time. With BurnSwap holders can trade in those assets and get in on Lunar Flare at no extra cost. “Why not, what are they doing for you now?” said Vaca.

“I have been involved in several token and NFT projects but nothing like this. We are on a mission to create something for the community that will allow everyone to benefit. Historically, in these projects, only the developers and celebrities make money, or scammers pull the rug and run away. With Lunar Flare and Burn Swap, we are putting the world on notice. There is a better way,” said Vaca.

Son of Ecuadorian immigrants, Vaca is a 3rd generation Entrepreneur. “The transfer of wealth is very important to me personally. I have seen communities prosper in unimaginable ways with initiatives like these. In the months to follow, we will begin brainstorming on initiatives that directly impact specific communities. The time is right, with everything going on in the world today communities have an opportunity to thrive. It sucks to be rich by yourself,” said Vaca.


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