Nimisha Brahmbhatt – A Female Serial Entrepreneur Leverages Technology for Business Sustainability.

June 07 20:32 2022

London, United Kingdom – June 7, 2022 – Nimisha Brahmbhatt, Founder and Managing Director of Quantum Global Consultants, understands all too well that business sustainability is all about survival. With a proven track record as a management consultant, Nimisha specializes in developing new business & operating models to help her clients future proof their business and build stakeholder value.

QGC focuses on implementing large scale business transformation in FTSE 100, Fortune 500 Companies and High Growth Start-Ups across a variety of industries across energy, finance, and healthcare.

Nimisha enthusiastically believes that, “Tech is so persuasive, therefore, it’s either businesses get onboard or they get left behind. Companies who successfully leverage the deep tech are essentially future proofing their businesses for existing customers. Take the Metaverse and Web3 for instance, this pathway opens up a whole new way to manage your customers and pave different access points.”

Quantum Global Consultants focal point is positioned to deliver strategic and technological transformation, combining leading technology/IOT and digital experience to help companies predict and adapt to their dramatically shifting landscape. Their pedigree is in helping the C-suite and Founders build organizations that can address key challenges in their industry such as customer expectations, regulation change, market shifts and technological disruption.

Among her many initiatives, Nimisha is also the Co-Founder of Innozyne Limited, a Deep tech company leveraging AI to solve the ongoing Mental Health Crisis across the world. Innozyne has developed the World’s very first intervention based AI Accelerating the pace at which patients are being treated for Mental Health across the UKs National health Service.

Over 15 years, and a cross border career, Nimisha has developed a deeper understanding of how organizations can work together to create meaningful impact within societies across the globe and speaks regularly on topics of venture development, impact creation and sustainability. To learn more how you can work directly with Nimisha Brahmbhatt at scaling your company’s technological transformation, find her website here:

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