Smart Education Technology Empowering the High-quality Development of the Education Industry

June 08 20:21 2022
(reporter: ZHENG Siyu)

At present, the cutting-edge technologies represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain have been widely applied in the field of education, presenting the education system gradually with the intelligent characteristics of openness, sharing, interaction, collaboration and ubiquity, and greatly improving the quality of education. In this development process, a large number of educational and scientific talents with strong scientific research strength, high scientific and technological level and rich practical experience have emerged, of which CHEN Sitao is the most prominent. Many major scientific research achievements such as “A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Promotion Strategy Analysis System V1.0”, “A Data Mining-Based Promotion Resource Recommendation System V1.0”, “A Cloud Platform-Based Intelligent Promotion Management System V1.0” developed and designed by her have subverted the traditional indoctrinated teaching concept and teaching mode. She has built a teaching system with rich resources, modernized systems, digitized environment and intelligent models, leading the reform and development of intelligent education, and creating great social value for deepening educational reform and balancing teaching resources.

Change the Concept and Create a New Teaching Model

CHEN Sitao has been engaged in the education industry for more than ten years. She has always adhered to and advocated the teaching concept of “people-oriented”. She has put emphasis, understanding and respect on students throughout the entire educational process, paid attention to tapping students’ potential and talent, and promoted the all-round development of students’ professional ability, physical and mental health and comprehensive quality. In her view, in order to cultivate innovative talents, it is necessary to change the traditional educational model, establish a people-oriented educational concept, pay attention to and respect the individual differences of students, maximize the talents of students, achieving an equal distribution of educational resources.

It is under the guidance of this concept that CHEN Sitao has built a diversified education system including flipped classroom, task driven method and project-based teaching method according to students’ learning ability and needs in educational practice. The system takes students as the core, stimulates students’ interest in learning, and promotes students to change from “You have to learn” to “I want to learn”, so as to greatly improve the teaching quality and promote the in-depth development of school education reform. Especially in recent years, driven by information technology, CHEN Sitao has actively established information concepts, introduced cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence into the education system, developed a number of breakthrough scientific research achievements, and built a technology-integrated learning environment, creating a new teaching model, and cultivating many talents with good value orientation, strong action ability, good thinking quality, and deep creative potential. As a result it has made great contributions to achieving the goal of talent training and promoting the modernization of school education.

Technological Breakthrough, More Accurate Teaching Resources

At present, the construction of digital educational resource platform has become an important content and practical focus of educational informatization in schools and training and educational institutions. With the continuous expansion of the data in the digital education resource platform, the phenomenon of “information overload” is inevitably caused. Teachers and students have to spend a lot of time and energy to find and select the most suitable educational resources, which seriously reduces the learning efficiency and resource utilization.

In order to solve the problem of “information overload” caused by massive educational resources, CHEN Sitao has actively carried out research on educational resource recommendation service technology, using knowledge in cognitive science, information retrieval, prediction theory, management science, and market modeling, under repeated tests, developed and designed “A Data Mining-Based Promotion Resource Recommendation System V1.0”. The system includes a resource storage module, a login module and a resource processing module, which can actively recommend personalized educational resources, save a lot of time to find educational resources and learning materials, improve resource utilization, and achieve the goal of maximizing learning efficiency.

From the perspective of application function, the system has the following characteristics: the accuracy of resource recommendation. The system can collect data information from social media within the scope of user authorization, and then analyze users’ demands for educational resources. Based on this, it recommends appropriate educational resources for customers and provides users with accurate recommendation services; In addition, the system also has strong language understanding ability, which can accurately understand various forms of information such as text, voice, and pictures sent by users, and establish various educational resource system models, thereby improving the accuracy of information understanding, analysis, and retrieval and realizing intelligent processing and analysis of user language.

It is precisely because of its powerful functions and application advantages that “A Data Mining-Based Promotion Resource Recommendation System V1.0” has received good market feedback as soon as it is launched. Many schools and educational institutions express that the application of the system not only enriches teaching resources, assists teachers to carry out more accurate and efficient teaching activities, and lays a good resource foundation for students to establish a personalized and efficient learning method. It greatly improves students’ academic performance and realizes the teaching level of schools and educational institutions.

Grasp the Trend and Promote the In-depth Development of Smart Education

“Education needs technology”, this is a phrase that CHEN Sitao frequently mentioned in interviews. In her opinion, the future education is network-based education, which pays more attention to individualization and diversified needs of students. It enables a life-long education that allows all children to enjoy high-quality educational resources and emphasizes learning ability. To achieve such educational goals, we must deeply understand the revolutionary impact of information technology on education, apply information technology scientifically, build a networked, intelligent, digital and lifelong education system, and promote the in-depth development of smart education.

In view of the precise grasp of education trends and a deep understanding of the connotation of education, CHEN Sitao said that in the future, she will continue to practice the deep integration of people-oriented concepts and information concepts, meet the needs of talent training in the new era, and grasp the key points and difficulties of smart education development. Guided by the needs of educational practice, she will continue to promote innovation and breakthroughs in educational technology, plan the construction and development of smart education from an overall perspective, and make our own contributions to advancing the fundamental transformation of the education system and the intelligent transformation. 

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