Christina Stern gives a simple guide to finding happiness and living your best life in her new book “Living in Balance”

June 08 18:29 2022
Christina Stern gives a simple guide to finding happiness and living your best life in her new book "Living in Balance"
Kharis Publishing today announces the release of “Living in Balance: A Simple Guide to Finding Happiness and Living Your Best Life” (ISBN: 978-1637461341) by Christina Stern, a succinct guide to living a healthy life.

CHICAGO, Ill. – The book Living in balance: A Simple Guide to Finding Happiness and Living Your Best Life resulted from years of working with patients and speaking to people about the many stressors they have faced. These stressors included depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and unrealistic expectations. This book discusses what restrains people from feeling their best and finding happiness. This book identifies some common problems and provides coping skills to help people handle their stressors productively and effectively. This book can provide a road map to happiness when you feel like you do not know where to begin.

According to Julian Pessier, Ph.D. Director Stony Brook University Counseling and Psychological Services, “With Living in Balance, Christina Stern gently guides us to more fulfillment in our lives. The book is packed with the best of modern wisdom for caring for our minds, bodies and relationships, and delivered with the inspiring nudge we all need at times. Living in Balance offers so many clear ways to take small sustainable steps toward greater happiness, through asking us to pause and work with the strong amazing person we already are. I can’t wait to share this amazing book with my students, clients and colleagues.”

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Christina Stern is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who has her own private psychiatric practice. Christina has worked as a nurse for over ten years in diverse settings, including a psychiatric hospital, emergency department, and nursing home. Christina lives in New York with her husband and two daughters. Her mission has always been to help others, which is why she wrote her first book titled Finding balance: A simple guide to finding happiness and living your best life.

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