Paul J. Bailo Talks About The Future of Work In This Interview on FOB TV

June 10 15:24 2022
Paul J. Bailo shares his views on the future of work with Kevin Benedict on FOB TV.

Paul J. Bailo provides a deep insight into the future of work in an interview with Kevin Benedict on FOB (Future of Business) TV. After the pandemic, the very definition of work has changed, with terms like WFH and hybrid work models being discussed more frequently than ever before.

“People are re-evaluating their lives and choices, but they want to think about it,” says Paul about the future of work. “Going to work five days a week to the office is over, and I don’t think it’s ever coming back. People are happy to go to the office, but they don’t want to do it every day.”

In the new world that Paul is envisioning, should the new future of work or the work model impact the way people educate their kids? That’s a very crucial question.  

Paul J. Bailo believes that what the kids receive should not be called education. He says training is important, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t go to a college and get a degree. Some people scale great heights of achievement academically, while others are smart and excel in their field without getting a proper education. There are numerous options available now. 

The future is all about excelling in one’s inherent skills. People are making a great living by following their skills, even as a mechanic if they love doing that job and have extraordinary skills in that field.

Paul Bailo also shares his views about the trending topic of the digital assistant. He calls them digital agents. They will be the next level of connection for professionals working in an office. They will work alongside workers; manage tasks more quickly and efficiently. 

Paul sees the future workplace as having digital agents as part of the work chart but reporting to humans. These agents are powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. They can communicate in hundreds of languages and make a specific work process decidedly easy, smooth, and fast.

Paul says the future of work will be a workspace where humans and digital agents coexist. However, where work happens, when work happens, and how work happens will change.

Paul also speaks about an interesting aspect where he says the future of work could be not working. He refers to the passive income system that more and more Americans are interested in. A lot of people are generating decent revenue through passive income. Paul sees this as becoming more mainstream in the future of work.

In this interview, Paul Bailo also touches on the topic of automation creating unemployment. He agrees more people are losing to technology but says the only constant in the world is change and people have to adapt to the changing times. He points to federal research that says every seven years, there are different and unique jobs coming to the market. The job some people have today might not even exist after a few years because of the changing technology and market demands.

To a question about relocalizing work affecting future jobs, Paul says humans have always been good at adaptability. Companies have to adapt to the market needs and supply chain demands. Adaptability is important to remain employed and satisfied at work in the modern world.

Finally, Paul gives a valuable piece of advice to students about what they should do to prepare for a career. He says the goal is to find the passion that drives them. He advises them to keep reading, writing, networking, meeting new people, and getting different experiences. 

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About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled.

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