Widow 411 Course Empowers Widows to Manage Responsibilities After a Spouse’s Death

June 11 02:13 2022
A new online course provides widows with an action plan to handle the overwhelming obligations when a spouse dies.

Widow 411 announces the launch of The Ultimate Survival Guide for Widows, an online course that empowers widows with an action plan to organize, manage, and complete many post-death responsibilities.

In this course, widows learn how to prioritize tasks, manage funds, and handle accounts, and includes sections on everything from Social Security survivor benefits to taxes and insurance. Each section contains extensive advice on how and why to complete the most critical post-death duties, as well as fillable templates, checklists, and worksheets to help widows break everything down into simple steps.

Kim Murray, founder of Widow 411, created the course because nothing like it existed when she was first widowed.

“Widows have a tremendous amount to manage after a spouse’s death and grief makes it extremely hard to get motivated. I remember the debilitating days of staring down mountains of paperwork not knowing where to begin or how to get organized. So, I created this course to provide widows with an action plan to help ease the overwhelm, get stuff done, and be as efficient as possible.”

The course includes instructions on how to notify agencies (with done-for-you letter templates), organize jumbled tasks into more manageable categories, and keep track of progress. Videos help explain the various modules in more detail and bonus material/workbooks add to a widow’s proficiency.

“The explanations and how-tos in this course are incredibly valuable. The thorough, step-by-step instructions cover everything a widow needs to know. Not only have you provided widows with an excellent guide, but I also truly felt your support and kindness throughout,” said Sharon, a satisfied customer.

Murray started Widow 411 after her husband died of terminal brain cancer in 2014 to share how to cope and rebuild life after a devastating loss.

More information can be found at https://widow411.com/

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