Elevate Qi Culture, Light Up Z Gen – International Visitors’ Perception of Zhangdian, Zibo

June 11 04:22 2022

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/CKGq-T9Sf28



Zibo is an old industrial city with a rich history and customs. Its thousand-year-old Shandong style is attracting people from all corners of the world to come here. As the central city of Zibo, Zhangdian has created a grand platform for international visitors to stay. In order to promote international visitors in Zibo to know about Zibo and Zhangdian better, the Propaganda Department of Zibo Municipal Committee and Zhangdian District Committee jointly organized the activity of “Elevate Qi Culture, Light Up Z Gen”, and invited eight international visitors from Russia, Armenia and Zimbabwe to visit the characteristic landmarks and intangible cultural heritage art of Zhangdian District.



In Zibo Glaze Art Museum, visitors are fascinated by glaze works, which are of various shapes and exquisite workmanship. International visitors feel the breath of glaze cultural relics and touch the vibe of Shandong with thousands of years of culture; In the international community of Qi Yue, Gao Hui, the inheritor of fabric pile painting, takes the Year of the Tiger as the background and adds Chinese mugwort, which makes the cloth tiger vivid and the Chinese mugwort fragrant, enabling people feel the unique subtle charm of Chinese traditional culture; In the Yudai Lake, the green waves are rippling and the trees on the bank are lush. Facing the breeze in May and looking at the beautiful scenery in the lake, international visitors taste special dishes and enjoy the natural beauty.

“When I visited Glaze Art Museum, I saw a lot of porcelain. Everything was great and beautiful!” Ourad, a Russian student from Shandong University of Technology, exclaimed.

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