Marguerite Schultz, a Clinical Psychologist and Psychology Clinic Founder, Offers Practical Solutions to Parent Burnout

June 13 18:57 2022
At last, help for parent burnout is here with this step-by-step science-based psychological system, The Happy Mum Roadmap.

The demands of modern-day parenting are exhausting. In a world full of increasing pressures, most mothers juggle endless demands and are left stressed, fatigued, and burnt out. Worse, burnout left unaddressed can lead to more concerning issues, including anxiety and depression, draining the resource buckets of our mums even further.

Marguerite Schultz, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Living Well Psychology Clinic, Kitchen Bench Psychology, Ninja Mums and The Happy Mum Roadmap, is herself a mum of 3 and understands firsthand the “mother juggle” required nowadays. Not only do mothers want to do well in their homes, businesses, relationships, friendships, and parenting roles, but they also need to manage strong feelings and unique challenges at home, as children themselves face their own increasing life pressures. Mothers, therefore, need to take good care of their own hearts, minds, emotions, and relationships and also be able to do the same for their children.

“Showing up well every day for our kids is the greatest privilege but also has a tax on our energy and resources, and burnout is often the norm in the mothering landscape”, says Marguerite. “There is however an antidote to this state, and mums are able to, (and deserve to) reset and step out of burnout, into a life of peaceful and joyful parenting, balanced with good self-care.”

To this end, the Clinical Psychologist, business owner and mother has curated a step-by-step, easy to use system, to help mothers to find balance, to reset and to step into refreshment, peace and joy, so that they can be the mother and woman that they are proud to see in the mirror.

The Happy Mum Roadmap, her signature course, has received high praise for its down-to-earth approach and pragmatic strategies that are easy to apply for busy mums with little time on their hands.

“The feedback for The Happy Mum Roadmap has been overwhelming and it is a real joy to be able to help mums both inside and outside my clinical practice to heal from burnout and live the mum life they longed for”, says Marguerite.

This 6-week program has been well received in many countries with testimonials attesting to the transformation mothers have experienced.

One mom said, “It is just so good to be having fun again, and my family loves this happier version of me! Thank you for this course. It’s good to be home in my true self!”

If you are a mum who would benefit from resetting back to your best self so that your children get to know and remember the best version of you, you can find out more about joining The Happy Mum Roadmap today:

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