The Success College Offers High-Quality Teaching Methods Through Digital Learning That Contributes Positively to Their Student’s Career Goals

June 13 17:00 2022
The college provides practical and progressive tools to ensure success in the life and career of its students

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the knowledge gap of individuals in the ‘new world of work’ that increased the demand for technology-driven skills. The pandemic further revealed that only those who were flexible and adaptable to the current market needs could remain relevant in the workplace and have an advantageous edge over their colleagues.

The acquisition of these uber-digital skills could seem daunting to numerous individuals. However, the Success College is proving its commitment to the advancement and upskilling of its students through its new initiative. With the contribution of leading academics and businessmen across the land of Israel and all over the world, the founders of the college are setting up students on the path to assured success.

The Success College incorporates the academic expertise as seen in reputable ivory towers such as Harvard, MIT, Berkely, Columbia, and Michigan and delivers a carefully tailored, up-to-date curriculum in Hebrew, which is supported by pedagogical mavens. The college also prioritizes the practicality of its offered courses and has created a study track for its intended students, composed of dozens of compulsory courses and enrichment course awards. The study track aims to provide students with the necessary tools for successful entry and subsequent thriving in the labor market, including ease in transitioning or changing careers.

Furthermore, Success College offers an advanced hybrid learning model, in that students can learn at any time and from anywhere in the world. But most especially, the model aids the student to adapt the learning experience to their daily lifestyle, where they can continue working full-time, and have a vibrant social and family life, while studying during their free hours and achieving their goals in less than a year.

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