Why Medical Family Therapist In Texas Doesn’t Need To Advertise

June 15 12:04 2022
Why Medical Family Therapist In Texas Doesn’t Need To Advertise
Keith Hunt, V.P. Marketing for Sandi Neiman, Medical Family Therapist specialist in Texas. He explains why the practice doesn’t need to advertise unlike other therapists.
One Medical Family Therapist in Texas doesn’t need to advertise as all new clients are referrals from past and existing clients.

Many Medical Family Therapists use pay-per-click advertising on Google or other search engines to attract more clients. By advertising their practice gives a strong impression that more clients are needed. That may seem obvious but in reality advertising serves the wants of the practice and does not focus on specific needs of prospects.

“We don’t need to advertise because ALL current clients are referrals from past and existing clients. A referral is the highest praise for our practice and a very strong indication that others are comfortable with the service and, in return, obtained favorable results,” states Keith Hunt, V.P. of Marketing for Sandi Neiman, Medical Family Therapy specialist based in Texas.

In her practice, Sandi Neiman, treats those suffering from depression, anxiety and tension due to a medical diagnosis or change in medical condition of the client or their family, such as a cancer diagnosis, the effects of chemotherapy and end of life decisions.Unlike other therapists that offer a broad range of incompatible services, she specializes, EXCLUSIVELY, in Medical Family Therapy utilizing only the latest research and up to date modern techniques.

Hunt continues, “Those advertisers listed in Google may not be the best suited for your needs, they are simply therapists that have paid the most to be at the top of the search page. ‘But why do these therapists need to advertise? If they’re as good as they preach wouldn’t more and more referrals come naturally as they do to us? In my opinion, it seems their referral base is either not happy with the service or not strong enough to support the practice. That’s why they must advertise, to stay afloat.

“You may have seen ads that appear like “Jane Doe Therapist” but what are the chances of actually booking sessions with her? Probably fairly remote. You’ll be referred to a junior associate with apologies “I’m sorry Jane Doe is fully booked.” Of course, Jane was fully booked before the ads were even placed. To me, that’s almost a bait and switch tactic.”

In her practice, all sessions are directly with Sandi Neiman, the Medical Family Therapy specialist, and not any junior associate. She also personally conducts the free 20 minute online chats for those looking to get any and all questions answered about therapy with no obligation.

“By its nature, advertising is expected to generate response from prospects. These calls and emails have to be answered by employees which takes time away from existing clients. We’re not prepared to do that.“The number one goal of our entire team is to provide full service assistance to our existing clients. Should we advertise it would take time and resources away from that ultimate goal. As mentioned, we don’t need to advertise as ALL our Medical Family Therapy clients are a direct result of referrals. “Based on the success of our individual clients, it would appear that the philosophy to not advertise is working for all concerned!” concludes Hunt.

For more information about Sandi Neiman, her service or book a free 20 minute online chat please call 615-438-3964 or click here Medical Family Therapist In Texas

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